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[Video] Poopourri

This is just too good to be true … and we can’t explain what this product is all about. Let’s just say you’ll never be embarrassed while visiting someone else’s restroom again. You are welcome.  

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[Video] Tim Hawkins Bad Wedding Songs

For our dating audience – Tim Hawkins does a skit on what songs you shouldn’t use at your wedding in “Bad Wedding Songs.”  

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10 Times When Being Single Stinks

As I type this, I have 4 hours and 50 minutes to go on this flight. Not too bad, except for the fact that I have already been on this airplane for over 9 hours. Unconscious bodies are strewn everywhere, with only the flicker of seat-back movie screens cutting through the darkness. It is 3:29am where I departed. Yet I …

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[Video] eHarmony Video Bio

It’s the month more people sign up for online dating than any other time of year. Before you do, you may want to take advice from this gal. This video is too funny not to share. Our advice? Do this to get dates … but not if you want to be married.

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[Video] Jimmy Fallon #WhyImSingle

Jimmy Fallon asks folks on Twitter why they are single and they respond. This video is funny (One comment that is inappropriate but overlook that because the others are good.) #WhyImSingle  

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Top 10 Things To Lose In 2014

It’s January: the month of NEW! I know we all just finished a round of Christmas gift lists, party lists, greeting card lists and thank-you note lists … but now we are moving into the realm of the “New Year Spreadsheet,” if you will. Unless you are a complete nonconformist, I’ll wager you have set some goals for yourself in …

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[Video] #Xmas Jammies

This video “#Xmas Jammies – Merry Christmas From The Holderness Family” has gone viral! We couldn’t help but post it here for you to enjoy in case you missed it. We dedicate this video to all the single people that hope to have a family as cool as this one day.

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Dating In The Bible

Dating in the Bible

What would the dating personal ad’s and success stories look like in the Bible? This post was originally featured on

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[Video] Stuff Christian Singles Hear

We thought this would be a great start to our Let’s Laugh Column. How many have you heard?  

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