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[Podcast] How To Set And Reach Your Goals This Year

Happy New Year everyone! I’m super excited about the new year and all God has planned for us! I realize not everyone walks into a new year with excitement … especially if last year was difficult. Maybe you had dreams that fell short or didn’t seem to manifest. Maybe you didn’t reach your goals or saw an end to a …

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Surviving Thanksgiving: Tips For Staying Healthy

Holidays can be bittersweet for the single person. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the company of those who matter most, but deep down, this company comes with a stinging reminder of the life that still evades you: family life. In such an emotionally charged climate, you’re more likely to make food choices you’ll regret. Here are a few tips …

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Is Your Insecurity Like A Tiny Barking Dog?

How does your insecurity express itself? When I’m walking my 150-pound English mastiff through the neighborhood, she struts her stuff. Her tawny fur shines in the gentle breeze. Her giant feet plod along as her massive girth takes up most of the sidewalk. She’s big and beautiful, and she knows it. The smaller dogs in the area know it, too. …

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[Podcast] Introvert and Extrovert

Today we’re talking with Michele Kus about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment and what defines introverts and extroverts. Michele is a phenomenal lady who loves the Lord and has a kingdom perspective on how the MB assessment reveals how God created us. She became a MB practitioner in 1999. She has been helping people of all ages better understand themselves …

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Healthy Habits for Singles, Part 6: Being Active at Your Desk Job

Many of us Christian singles have desk jobs: work that involves sitting on our blessed assurance most of the time, whether we’re in a call center, working face-to-face with customers across some counter or in front of a computer. A 2013 survey by Ergotron highlights the epidemic of sedentary jobs that has taken over the American workforce. They found that …

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Healthy Habits for Singles, Part 5: Best Motives For Eating Well

Millions of us struggle with being overweight as a result of our affection for yummy food. More than one medical professional has lamented the epidemic of obesity in all age categories in recent years. We know what the basic solution is, but lack motivation to implement it. The basic principle is: We have to burn off more calories than we …

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Healthy Habits For Singles, Part 4: Stress Management

Good stress, bad stress. Stress, stress, everywhere. From the news. From your church. From your work. Or lack thereof. It’s all around you. You can’t escape it. What can you do? Well, if you can’t escape it, you must learn to manage it. Learning to handle the stress that comes our way helps us develop the character to minimize its …

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Healthy Habits for Singles, Part 3: Sleep

“Sleep? That’s something I do in my spare time,” is the attitude of many in our culture, even among God’s people. Just feed them a cup of coffee the next morning, and they’re up and running again. Problem is, the Lord designed our bodies to function not only with quality sleep but also quantity sleep. To function properly, our temples …

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What If Your Faith Was Breaking News?

Everywhere we look, there is some sort of catastrophe and chaos in the news. Some days, with certain news cycles, you may feel like you want to just grab the Maalox, run for cover and ask, Lord are you coming today? Because this world is going to the pits. You may be trying to unwind during your lunch break by …

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3 Ways To Have Faith Like Abraham

I want to have faith like Abraham. But when life is hard … kids are crying … bills are due … you haven’t showered in days …. faith is the last thing you are thinking about! Sometimes I mix up faith with other things. Belief for relief smells like faith. Hope for rest tomorrow looks like faith. Even though Abraham …

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