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Challenges Of Being A Single Leader In Ministry

As a relatively new leader in singles ministry, I’ve encountered an unwritten rule that goes something like this: Unless you are married (happily or otherwise) and regardless of your spiritual depth, scriptural knowledge or Christian experience, your leadership in ministry will be suspect. Thank you for your willingness, but please get married first, then reapply for the leadership position. And …

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How To Support A Ministry Without Spending A Dime

We all like to support ministries but the budget can be tight around the holidays. We totally understand! Single Matters could use your help to support the ministry for singles. And we have found a way for you to do it without spending a dime of your own money! Amazon has a program that gives Single Matters a percent of …

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How You Leave A Legacy Of Leadership

Legacy of Leadership

“…. I was sitting on a porch swing as I recall, legs dangling and drinking my glass of ice cold sweet tea and my Mamaw  (that’s Grandmother for all of you non-southerners) was sitting next to me. She was leaning forward, elbows on her knees, graciously smiling and listening to every word this man had to say, as if he …

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