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[Podcast] Trusting In God’s Promises

Continuing the series with friends who are in business and use that to share the gospel … My guest today is Lina AbuJamra. Lina is a Pediatric ER doctor and founder of Living with Power Ministries. Her vision is to bring hope to the world by connecting biblical answers to everyday life. Lina has authored several books including Thrive, Stripped, and …

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7 Reasons To Serve Away From Home

I hear it all the time. “It’s a waste of time and money to travel to a far-off country to do missions projects.” “We will do more harm than good if we drop into a place for two weeks, feed the homeless and love on the orphans, then leave again.” “It’s better to stay in our own community to serve …

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Leading Under The Influence

A few weekends ago, I found myself in a roomful of rock stars. Not the glam and spotlight kind; the missionary kind. An unassuming little living room in Berlin hosted a band of freedom fighters, rescuers and truth proclaimers as we linked arms for the hearts of Europe. Each of us was asked to speak to the group … and that …

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Where Singles Ministries Fail And Succeed

It was spring of my senior year in college. My friend Phil and I decided to go to our first ever “singles Bible study.” There was one in our city that was making all kinds of buzz. Thousands were showing up. “The teaching and music are amazing” we were hearing everywhere. We decided to give it a shot. What we …

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5 Reasons To Live Abroad

It’s been 6 months since I landed back on American soil. A lot has happened in those 6 months. My taste buds have been reunited with American cuisine. I’ve been able to use a grown-up sized towel instead of one most of us are used to using in the kitchen, and I’ve been able to communicate. I’ve gotten an array …

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Can You Be a Single Missionary?

Jenn LaGrone

You’re serving in rural Africa without a husband!? Can you be a single missionary? Really? Yes! I sure am. Some people just come out and ask why I’m serving here single. Others dance around the subject in conversation to gauge how I really feel about living in rural Africa without a husband. These are all great questions, and they are …

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