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Grieving The Loss Of Babies I Never Had On Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day. My mom lived in another state so I was going to have lunch and celebrate with a family in Texas that had adopted me as a daughter. I loved time with my far away family and my local family. I had two desires ever since I was a little girl. To be a wife and a …

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I Married My Mom, Now I Want A Divorce

Mom, Mom, can you talk a little softer? Mom, Mom . . . I am trying to watch my TV show. Mom, Mom, are all your friends hard of hearing? Can’t you talk more softly? Mom, MOM, MOM, I am trying to watch my TV SHOW. CAN YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO TALK ON YOUR PHONE? Umm, please? I love …

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I Want To Be Called “Mom”

May. Flowers are blooming. The weather is getting warmer. The anticipation of BBQs and watersports at the lake is rising as Memorial Day approaches and we celebrate those we call “mom.” The women who raised us are showered with flowers and gifts. Little children are encouraged by school teachers to make a special present for their mothers, and husbands take …

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The Single Mom Life

I don’t write much about being a single mom. Frankly, I sometimes feel like I am an outcast even among other Christians. I feel undatable because I don’t fit into that mold that people think of when they see a mom and her 6-year-old son. I sometimes walk into church on Sunday mornings with more fear than I should. I …

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How Singles Can Embrace Mother’s Day

One day several years ago, I visited a new mother in the hospital. She had just had her baby. When I saw him, something in me was different. I normally am afraid to hold new babies because they’re so small and seem like they break so easily. The new mother’s mom was there with her and holding the baby. As …

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Giving Birth to More Than Children

Every year for the last six years, I’ve bought a Mother’s Day card for one of my best friends, Jennifer. She doesn’t have children of her own, yet she deserves to share that special day with a million other moms. When I met her six years ago, I had no idea we would have the friendship we have today. She …

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