Friday, October 7, 2022
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Longing For God’s Warm Embrace

I’m sure by now, most of you reading this have heard of Dr. Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages. It was all the rave 10 years ago and is still very popular today. Dr. Chapman’s book captivates the attention of readers because we seek to know the best way to love our partner, our children and our friends. We …

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Time To Kill The Side Hug

I’ve got something to confess. I am a skanky, extra-marital hugger. Always have been and probably always will be. I come from a long line of huggers on both sides. My mom hugs everyone, whether they feel like a hug or not. My grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts on both sides are all into the full, double-armed embrace. And shocker—we’d …

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