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When A Man Decides He Wants To Get Married

So I’ve got some great news; I’ve decided … (wait for it) … TO GET MARRIED! Yay! Yes, sir. I want to be in covenant with a godly woman where we can serve each other and grow more like Christ each and every day. Now I just need to find a date. Is that backwards? Should I find a woman …

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The Negative Effects Of Porn

I was 6 years old when I saw my first pornographic film. Some would wonder how a kid that age got anything pornographic in the 80s. Most people my age at that time usually found something in their parents’ bedroom. You’re very curious at that age, and anytime someone tells you “No, don’t go in here” or “Don’t do that,” …

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I Helped Someone Cheat

It was the weekend of August 1st. I was in New Orleans for a wedding. Traveling alone was always a strong temptation. New city. New opportunities. I found myself in my hotel room in a very familiar situation but with a different twist. See, I was a sex addict. At the time I didn’t call it that. It was just …

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Girl Porn

Nothing like trying to explain the title of this article to your parents, especially when you are their pastor! I will never forget one of my youth leaders in Texas preaching about her definition of “Girl Porn” and thinking it was completely ridiculous as she tried to persuade a group of hopeless, romantic 16-year-old girls in the 80s about the …

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My Ex’s Secrets In A Safe

My Ex's Secrets in a Safe

I remember clearly the day I discovered his secret. The keys my husband had always so closely guarded were on the kitchen counter, and he was asleep upstairs. I contemplated on whether or not I should take them. Eventually I did. I slowly walked into our guest room and turned the knob on the closet door. There it was … …

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[Video] The Fig Leaf Conspiracy

In an effort to bring you resources to prepare for marriage, we bring you a clip from MarriageToday. Jimmy Evans explains the effects pornography has on a man’s thoughts and how that leads to expecting a woman to act like a man. Great short video clip for both men and women.

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