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When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong

I still remember the day these words were spoken to me at a prophetic training event at church. “I just felt like the Lord says sometimes you feel downcast about yourself. I saw you with a crown on your head.  And He just wanted you to know … He wants you to see you how He sees you. He says …

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How To Stop The Negative Voices In Your Head

My family and I recently relocated to the sunny state of Florida. The sun is always shining, and the drivers are always angry. The rules of the road here are mere “suggestions” to your average Floridian, and it’s taking this slow-backroads-driving girl some getting used to. One Sunday morning, I was driving to church on a winding, residential road. The …

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Do You Restrict Jesus In Your Life?

    So they bound Jesus, led him away and handed him over to Pilate. –Mark 15:1b Jesus — the Creator of everything — being bound. When I read the story of Jesus’ arrest before His crucifixion, the words “they bound Jesus” jump off the page. Think about this: According to the first few verses in John chapter 1, nothing exists …

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Do You Want To Be Married?

“Do you want to be married?” If you have been single long enough, you have heard this question many times. Whether you are at a family reunion, meeting a new neighbor, sitting beside someone at church, changing jobs or attending any singles function, the question comes up. Before I can give them one of my much-thought-out sarcastic answers, they follow …

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3 Truths To Remember When You Want To Settle In Your Single Season

I was recently on a relationship panel with several other single women and men alongside married people. One of the questions submitted by the audience toward the singles was: “Why are you single?” Of all the answers considered, such as “I haven’t been found yet” or “I’m overqualified” or something of the like, I responded that I don’t want to …

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Interview: Pray For A Mate™ With Kris Swiatocho

My good friend and frequent contributor to Single Matters, Kris Swiatocho, is the president and director of the The Singles Network and From His Hands Ministries. Kris has served in ministry in various capacities for the last 25 years. An accomplished trainer and mentor, Kris has a heart to reach and grow leaders so they will in turn reach and grow others. …

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The 24 (Not So) Serious Prayers Of A Single Woman

I’ve been praying for my future husband probably as long as I’ve been able to speak. That’s what a good Proverbs 31 woman does, right? Usually, it’s my final prayer before drifting off to sleep at night, which may be why I have this recurring dream of marrying Tim Tebow. My prayers may have included the following things and in no …

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What To Do When You’ve Been Slimed

Blindsided, flattened as if by a freight train, and covered in toxic slime. Ever felt like that? Chances are, each one of you has been mistreated so badly at some point in your life that you were left dumbfounded. Interactions with abusive (or just plain mean) people can leave you feeling as though you’re covered in a funky, debilitating slime. …

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Interview: Creative Ways To Engage With God

I came across the palm of Jesus’ hand as I flipped through Designed to Pray and immediately felt inclined to write my name on His hand before I read anything. Instantly verse 49:16 of Isaiah came alive and I began to pray creatively for the first time. It is true, my name really is on the palm of His hand. …

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What Good Is The Pain You’re Going Through?

God wants to birth something in you. Maybe it’s something He placed in you a long time ago, but the dream died. Maybe it’s something that’s taking too long to develop and you haven’t seen fruition, so you’ve given up. Maybe it’s a deep hope He deposited in your soul when you were a child that you’ve long abandoned. Maybe …

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