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Purity Is Greater Than Virginity

Virginity doesn’t mean what it used to mean. Before the easy access of pornography, virginity often meant that someone was pure in their life. Not so much now. Pornography has so oversexualized our culture that you don’t even have to watch it to know what it looks like. You just have to watch the latest Nicki Minaj music video, which leaves very little to the imagination. In the past, men would flip …

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Eleven Things I Learned From My First Love

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had a first love, a first boyfriend. (Man, was that a long time ago!) Do you remember your first love? Wasn’t it magical? I was 19. He’d started liking me late that summer, but wisely and patiently kept his intentions hidden. I had no clue he was testing me by …

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Healthy Habits for Singles Part 7: Sexual Health

“Sexual health for singles? What are you talking about?” you may be asking. “Aren’t we Christian singles supposed to be staying out of bed?” Well, yes, God does tell us to stay away from unmarried sex, and for good reasons. He is concerned for our sexual safety, even though we are single. He doesn’t just tell us how to think …

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Sharing My Love For Lust With My Future Spouse

I wish I didn’t love porn. I don’t watch porn and have been freed from it, but I wish I didn’t love it. I wouldn’t have to have my cable box filtered, my amazon prime filtered, or have other men keep me accountable. For example, take sour cream. I hate sour cream. However, I don’t have to avoid it. I don’t …

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A Letter To My Single (Guy) Friends

Hey, dude. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this lately, but thank you. In a world that is obsessed with sex, lust and “send nudes,” you’re living your life to a higher standard. When other guys are looking for hook-ups and opportunities for a night of Netflix and chill, you’re not. I can’t imagine the type of daily struggle …

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Book Review: Forbidden Friendships by Joshua D. Jones

Why can’t men and women just be friends? It’s a question that many have asked before for one reason or another. Friendship seems so simple, and yet it can get overly complicated due to social expectations and unclear intentions. Maybe you’ve tried to pursue a mixed-gender friendship with honest intentions, but have had friends or family gently “encouraging” you to …

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How Hooking Up Is Like Medicine

Hooking up. It’s crossed my mind a few times in the past few weeks. Prior to that, it had been a year since I thought about it. That’s because I was in a committed relationship during that year. Now that it hasn’t worked out and I’m healing, lots of different thoughts are running through my head. Occasionally that one rears its …

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Interview: The Battle With Porn with Dr. Wyatt Fisher

  This interview discloses one of the most important things singles need to guard against (or overcome) in order to have a thriving single life and marriage. Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist in Colorado and a professor at Liberty University. He’s on the Focus and the Family referral list. He’s also the founder of ChristianCrush, the Colorado Marriage Refresh, and Fisher …

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Fight Sexual Immorality And You Will Lose

It was around this time last year in January that I went to Puerto Rico for vacation. I was really excited to go. My first language is Spanish, and they use American currency there, so I thought it would be such a cool experience. I tend to be very economical with my money (call it “cheap” if you want to …

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My Gift Of Singleness

I love Monday nights. And it has nothing to do with football. I’m a facilitator for a sex addiction program called Pure Desires at my church. Every week men come and pour their hearts out as they dive deep into the issues that have manifested the bondage. My heart breaks with them as I hear many stories of abuse and abandonment—all of which …

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