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Why Waiting Is Harder Than Ever

Why Waiting is Harder Than Ever

Type “sex and the single Christian” into your preferred bookseller’s search engine, and you’ll find a plethora of titles encouraging everything from chastity to restraint, from celibacy to True Love Waits and the latest Rebecca St. James album. Well-meaning pastors wade in to the topic, encouraging the unmarried to exercise just a little more self-control. But what’s missing from most …

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My Worst Christmas Ever

I had just left my husband. I had also just broken up with the man with whom I was having an affair. I was alone. I thought I wanted to be alone, and then on Christmas day I felt the gravity of my decision. I was at my parents’ house surrounded by my siblings. Two of them were married, and …

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Why Pregnancy Before Marriage Isn’t Sin

I got a phone call once from someone who told me she had “bad news.” “I’m pregnant,” she said. As I heard these words, I had been aware of the situation this young, single mom was in for a while. But when I first heard that she had bad news, I did not think being pregnant would qualify as that. …

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Is Masturbation A Sin?

I remember the first time I heard the “M” word spoken in church. I think it took a whole two seconds before my jaw hit the floor. I was so surprised. I never, EVER, expected to hear the pastor talk about pornography and masturbation. He didn’t even do the church whisper. You know, the thing we do when we are …

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Sex And The Single Person

I’ve got a confession to make. I want sex. This really shouldn’t be surprising. I’m a 30-year old, never-been-married, very single woman. I’ve got hormones. Correction: I’ve got *raging* hormones. Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that my desire for sex has stayed dormant. I certainly wish it did. On numerous occasions, I have whispered prayers to God asking Him …

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The Negative Effects Of Porn

I was 6 years old when I saw my first pornographic film. Some would wonder how a kid that age got anything pornographic in the 80s. Most people my age at that time usually found something in their parents’ bedroom. You’re very curious at that age, and anytime someone tells you “No, don’t go in here” or “Don’t do that,” …

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I Helped Someone Cheat

It was the weekend of August 1st. I was in New Orleans for a wedding. Traveling alone was always a strong temptation. New city. New opportunities. I found myself in my hotel room in a very familiar situation but with a different twist. See, I was a sex addict. At the time I didn’t call it that. It was just …

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Does Virginity Signify Purity?

At a young age, I found myself in love with an incredible man. I had a singular focus and couldn’t be bothered by the other boys I found myself surrounded by. The only problem was, my sister and I were in love with the same man. Shocking, I know. My poor mother! Before jumping to conclusions, let me explain my …

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Can the Church Redeem Sex?

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the current, bleak sexual climate that exists both inside and outside the church and how that affects our personal battles for purity.  The price of sex is at an all-time low, promiscuity is rampant and marriage rates are declining. Fewer people are marrying, and most of them are hooking up or …

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Cultivating Intimacy: Part 2

Cultivating Intimacy

My wife Nancy and I have an amazing sex life. I’m sure you’re all very happy for us. I share this not to brag, but rather to make an important point about intimacy, one that applies to every level of intimacy but is most easily explained through talking about great sex. Our marriage hasn’t always been great in every facet. …

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