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Do Men Wait On God Too?

Do Men Wait on God Too?

Let me start by confessing something: I don’t have it all figured out. I’m waiting on God to bring that person that I connect with into my life. When it comes to being single, we’re all in the same boat. The trouble is that sometimes we jump the gun, misinterpret signals or simply take a risk that doesn’t pan out. …

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Tragedy Makes 3 Widows In One Family

I cried through most of my twenties. Who am I kidding? I’m still crying in my thirties, but for very different reasons.
 Thirteen years ago, dreams were coming true. I had my college diploma in hand, the handsomest fellow by my side, and a wedding ring on my finger!
 “God is good!” said the preacher. “All the time!” said the congregation. I grew …

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Letter From An Orphan

Letter from an Orphan

Orphan- a word I never really thought of much until now. I mean, I knew what it meant and I knew that anyone with that title tainting their life’s resume had some tragedy recorded in their history. Being a believer in God I also believed that we could never really be orphans because somewhere in the Bible God inspired someone …

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Is It Unholy To Want God’s Blessings Now?

Blessings Now

When my marriage ended, I didn’t doubt God’s love for me, but I believed my life was ruined beyond hope of repair. Any future I could have would be a “making do”—a consolation prize. But one of the peculiar things about Christians is that we believe in resurrection. In fact, resurrection is the hope of the Christian life. Without it …

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Am I Not Pretty Enough?

Friday night, I went to a coffee shop to watch my lovely friend Julie perform. She is a very talented singer, and every time she plays I jump at the chance to go listen to her sing. I’ve listened to her many times before, but this night she sang songs I have never heard before. In the middle of singing her heart …

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Kingdom Expression Experiment

Life has many twists and turns. A twist is something unexpected, like an ending to a movie you didn’t see coming. A turn you can see up ahead and make plans for what it requires. Knowing that a twist or a turn is from God is one thing—but staying the course is another. The past year and a half, I’ve …

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Is Couple Envy Getting You Down?

Love seats in furniture outlets, double occupancy rooms in hotels and tables for two at restaurants are but a few examples of the constants in a couples-oriented world. As a single person, you are reminded always that you are missing something or someone if you don’t fit into an equation that is divisible by two. As a result, many singles …

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3 Dating Myths Exposed

Whether or not you are married, you are more than likely brainwashed—at least in the area of dating and romance. If you married younger than most of your peers, married the first person you dated, or are so single that it’s a sore subject, you probably view love, dating, marriage and sex through a warped, equation-driven point of view. People …

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Single And Disappointed

Single and Disappointed

That day, the sting of still-single-at-forty was too fresh. Although I was excited about the Christian writers’ conference I was attending, and I carried around a proposal for my book on prolonged singleness, I could not ignore the disappointment that had dominated my heart since that recent landmark birthday. When it was my turn to introduce myself to the group, …

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How Do I Get Over My Discontent With Singleness?

How Do I Get Over Discontent

Since the launch of at the end of March, I’ve had the honor and privilege of hearing from hundreds of men and women across our country and world, with messages of gratitude, relationship questions and stories of hope and healing. While I personally read every single email and do my best to respond to each one, there are times that the …

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