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Aging Out Of Singles Ministry

I think some of you identify with the title of this article. You understand before I even start writing. But some of you don’t see the correlation between being single and aging. I mean if you’re single, you’re single. Right? Being single is age independent, meaning age has no bearing on singleness. But in a funny way it does. Baby …

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Our Church Doesn’t Have A Singles Ministry

I recently moved from the West Coast of the U.S. to the East Coast. There is a very different culture and mindset here, and I am still adjusting to the changes. One thing I did not expect was to see that churches in our area do not have singles groups! I am puzzled. Flabbergasted. Singles comprise nearly half the population …

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Are You Overlooked In Singles Ministries?

What happened to the singles ministries? Did the Church forget that single people attend too? Depending on which poll you read, half of people in the United States are single. Whether that is by choice or circumstance does not really matter. What matters is that there are a lot of single people in this country who are hard-pressed to find …

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