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[Podcast] Loss, Grief & Loving Again With Brittany Price Brooker

Today we are talking to Brittany Price Brooker. She is a speaker, mama, wife and singer/songwriter. She lives in the Atlanta, Georgia, area with her family and just may be a super hero. She has an incredible story, and I’ve asked her to come and share her insight on how to love God in the midst of trials. I don’t know …

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The Last Time I Hooked Up

The last time I thought about hooking up was yesterday. I sometimes go through these seasons where I feel my flesh trying to get the best of me. It’s those days that “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee” just doesn’t seem real. I kept thinking of whom I could contact. My old stopping ground was Craigslist, …

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Why God Is Trustworthy And Good

As the Great Physician, God heals the many wounds that come into my life. As the Almighty Comforter, He comforts my sufferings with His all-sustaining peace. I may not know the reasons behind every move He makes or circumstance I experience; But I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He holds me in His hands.   As …

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What Born Fixers Need To Do

I am a fixer and a doer. This means that I don’t particularly like to sit around talking about problems, and instead I like to FIX them. With such a “FIX and DO attitude,” I have been able to achieve a lot of professional success, but my emotional as well as spiritual journeys are a work in progress. For instance, …

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Is It Unholy To Want God’s Blessings Now?

Blessings Now

When my marriage ended, I didn’t doubt God’s love for me, but I believed my life was ruined beyond hope of repair. Any future I could have would be a “making do”—a consolation prize. But one of the peculiar things about Christians is that we believe in resurrection. In fact, resurrection is the hope of the Christian life. Without it …

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