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Unlocking Singleness New Year Plan

A few years ago I woke up on New Years Day with a little grumble in my heart. Truth be told, it was a big grumble. As I went to the Lord to find out why I was crabby before the day even started I realized I wasn’t hopeful for the next year.

The year before was a very hard year for me. There were hopes and dreams that never got realized. And no matter how hard I worked I couldn’t make things happen. It felt like a wasteful year. But I knew that wasn’t the truth.

As a Freedom Coach, I know the questions to ask myself to get out of a funk. And I’ll admit … I didn’t want to put in the time. But later that evening I was reflecting on an exercise I did a few years ago that led me to start Single Matters. The time I spent with God launched this wonderful community.

What if I did the exercise again? What would the fruit of that be?

So I created an e-book for you. (And for me.) When I first made it I called it “Unlocking Singleness New Year Plan.” But I’ve since revised it so anyone could use it. You’ll find Unlock: A New Years Plan by clicking on THIS LINK. 

This e-book is in a journal format. I pose questions for you to ask yourself or God. You’ll have tools to reflect and dream … pray and declare … It’s about unlocking all the treasures God has for you.

There were treasures in the last year that must be appreciated. There are new treasures that need to be discovered.

Go ahead – unlock all the blessings in your singleness today!

By the way … it’s FREE so feel free to share it with your friends!

Leave me a comment in our Single Matters Community Facebook group about what God showed you so we can encourage each other!

Here is to a thriving New Year!

Jill Monaco
Founder & Publisher

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