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When Is The Right Time To Tell My Boyfriend About My Past?

Honesty is always key.

One of the worst things is to wait too long to disclose the truth, because it can become awkward and we can easily convince ourselves that it is better left in the dark. What I know is that everything we leave in the dark allows room for the enemy to move. When we expose things to the light, there is no room for the enemy to distort, decipher or distract.

I also believe in creating a time and a place for this discussion. Expressing the “why” in sharing about your past is essential. I am assuming that you like this guy a lot and don’t want to risk losing him. I would say that to him, plain and simple. Let him know that you care about him enough to share your past with him. If he is the one for you, he will be compassionate and understanding, and he will stay right by your side.

We all have a past, regardless whether we are raised in church or have yet to find Jesus. It is important to embrace your past as part of your story and allow it to influence and impact those around you. If this guy is Mr. Right, he will know that instinctively, and he will embrace you even more for your ability to be honest as well as vulnerable.

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