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Why We Need To Trust The Process In Our Singleness

How many of us consider ourselves to be role models?

I usually don’t think of myself that way until I’m reminded by people, from family to strangers via social media, that what I share in my writings are good enough for them to read — and I pray — learn from.

To be honest, there are some hard days for me.

There are days when I wonder why I’m one of the many who have to wait seemingly long amounts of time for what I want in life. From career to relationships, there are those moments when I just want everything to just be as God promised. Waiting and developing for the promise can be hard sometimes!

I found my circumstance somewhat in what the prophet Ezekiel had gone through.

In Ezekiel 24, God lets the prophet know that He is going to take away from Ezekiel the “delight of his eyes” — his wife. God instructed him: “Yet do not lament or weep or shed any tears … Keep your turban fastened and your sandals on your feet,” and additional commands.

Ezekiel did as he was told by the Lord. God was using Ezekiel as an example unto His people on what to do when God would take away the things that they considered the delights of their eyes, which were anything but God. At the end of the chapter it states: “You will be a sign to them, and they will know that I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 24:27b).

I learned two things from this passage. First, in the midst of what would be an understandable time to be frustrated, sad and mourning, Ezekiel chose to be obedient to God, even after knowing his own wife would die. And second, God used the prophet to serve as a sign and message to His people that He is the Sovereign Lord.

God can use our experiences.

In those moments when we want to give up, feel at our loneliest or have waited a long time for God’s blessings to come, we should consider that there are people watching us all the time. There are people who will never say a word to you about what you’re doing, but they’re either rooting for you or hating you, depending on the person. Either way, when we are doing what we’ve been divinely instructed to do, we worship God and witness to all of God’s sovereignty and goodness.

It’s not being fake or putting up a front for people; it’s about being obedient to God. And as much as I want to be obedient, it’s challenging, because this is a race I have to run and endure. And I’m not the best runner!

You may be feeling the same way, getting a little weary or tired, wanting to throw hands up and quit. I was reminded immediately of a word I received from the Lord to tarry in this season and to keep holding on. I assure you that anything outside of God’s will is not worth it. There’s nothing I want out there that God’s hand isn’t over. Remind yourself of that and ask the Lord to keep you. Remember 2 Corinthians 12:9, that God’s grace is sufficient for you.

God desires obedience. 

His Word says that obedience is better than sacrifice. No amount of time spent in church or ministry can compare to your heart and actions saying yes to the Father’s way. We are living in a time in which everything even remotely Christian is being silenced and ridiculed. This is a time like no other to be steadfast and obedient in the Lord.

We as believers, especially the singles, can really utilize this waiting process to give God glory in respect of His sovereignty. It’s hard when you have those lonely moments, but trust that God is there waiting for your call, and spend time with Him. I encourage you to unload all those feelings off your shoulders and leave them at the altar. What you’re doing in this season may very well be what someone needs to see in order to keep the faith themselves.

We are part of a big, divine family and a body of Christ with the responsibilities of supporting one another and doing our part. We build each other up by enduring our process, and being obedient to God. You may never know every single person your testimony will touch; however, it’s worth it to see it to the end as we all press toward God’s plan.

You may never know if your journey has inspired someone else.

About Tatianah Green

Tatianah Green is a multimedia content creator and editor with a passion for writing. In 2012 she launched the blog {Black Love & Inspiration for Saved Singles} to encourage singles in faith and love. She is also a contributing writer for several other websites including Culture and God, Black and Married With Kids, and The Wire Hanger By Winnie. She recently published her first book entitled Journey to 30: A Single Woman's Guide to Living Unapologetically Without Deadlines. As she embraces her thirties, Tatianah works, plays and lives unapologetically for Christ in Chicago.
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