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Mark Zurowski

Husband, father, friend and pastor. Full-time church ministry for 14+ years. Committed to seeing the local church impact it's surrounding community with the hope of Christ and His Kingdom. A lover of life, beauty, art, music, outdoors, food...ok, just about everything!

When Rescue 9-1-1 Doesn’t Cut It

Most of us love a good rescue story. When I was younger, a TV show called “Rescue 9-1-1” became a national phenomenon. The show was built on the real life stories of people clutched from the wretched grasp of tragedy and rescued when all hope seemed lost. Something I always found interesting was how captivating the show was even though I …

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When The Power Of Eternity Impacts Today

Before you move any further into your day, I want you to do something a bit uncomfortable. I want you to reflect back to something that may fill you with fear, pain and awkwardness. I want you to journey back to junior high … the fear, the awkwardness, the anxiety, the overall lack of confidence: Am I dressed right? Does …

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Why Repentance Is A Lost Practice

  “You forgot to practice … didn’t you?” Just reading that causes me to feel that knot form in my stomach. My palms begin to sweat as my heart rate goes from snail’s pace to NASCAR-level speeds. If you’ve ever taken a music lesson, played in a sport or participated in any activity that required personal discipline and practice, you know …

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When I Need More Than Small Talk

I don’t like small talk. I like to think that I am average at participating in the activity, but I tend to see it as a means to an end. To me, it is a simple establishment of basic structures so that deeper, more meaningful conversation can eventually take place. Think of it like setting up scaffolding so that serious, …

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The Tension Point Between Faith And Doubt

Just when we thought that functioning as an adult was filled with enough challenges as it is, then somewhere along the way, we discover our need to manage these things called “tension points.” There is no simple, black-and-white solution when it comes to tension points. Tension points are not problems to be solved, but tensions to be managed. I’ll never …

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Redefining Resolutions: Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Do you ever struggle with keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you cringe at the very mention of the words? Does your heart rate spike when someone asks what your resolution will be this year, or how you are doing with maintaining it? Do you instantly slouch in shame at the thought of all the resolutions you were unable to …

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