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Stephanie Gobler

Stephanie is a 33-year old Christian, triathlete, architect, and runner. She is active in her church, where she enjoys serving coffee and getting to know others through small groups. Originally from a small town in South Georgia, she now lives in an in-town neighborhood in Atlanta. She is active with running groups and loves training with friends for new races. Community is essential to her, but as an introvert, Stephanie gets a lot out of writing (mostly journaling for herself). While most of her musings are related to having never been married and challenges surrounding dating in her 30s, all of life in general is not off-topic.

Knowing When To Say No

I feel like everyone, both single and married, can easily struggle with saying no. My independent and self-sufficient nature (or attempts at such) have made me into someone who struggles with saying no, even when I know I should. Either out of the fear of letting someone down or the honest belief that I’m superhuman, I take on almost anything …

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Shower Season

Ten … 10 times. That is the number of times I’ve been asked to be in a wedding. It only averages out to about once a year over the past decade, but it still feels like a lot. I’ve probably been invited to three times that many weddings (maybe more, I lost count about 5 years ago). For most of …

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Going It Alone

Going it alone. What does it really mean? As singles, we get used to doing things alone. And there is a bit of an unspoken rule to not talk about the pain of being single, because “it’s a gift.” Or, we feel shame for not “being content in all circumstances.” But in reality, there are a lot of things that are …

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