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7 Tips For Renewed Hope For Love After A Bad Relationship

Have you been in a bad relationship? I, like many women (and some men) I’ve known, have experienced trauma from being abused. Whether it was physical, psychological and/or sexual abuse by someone you trusted — who was supposed to love and care for you — or a total stranger, abuse damages your soul. It has left many of us fearful …

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5 Subtle Signs You’re Dating Someone With An Addiction

It seems like it would be a no-brainer, right? But recognizing the fact that you’re dating someone with an addiction isn’t always cut and dried. Despite what people think and the stereotypes that exist, most addicts are very good at hiding their problem. If you have never been exposed to someone with an issue, it can be very hard to …

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Forgiving My Abuser

Last month I shared about suffering from domestic violence in my past relationships. As I researched the statistics on domestic violence for the article, God moved my heart to respond. (Read more here: From Victim to Victor | Overcoming Domestic Abuse and Divorce) Today, I’m sharing the rest of the story about God asking me to forgive my abuser. My …

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Why Wisdom Is The Key To Everything In Life

The Book of Proverbs holds a very dear place in my heart. Many years ago, I found myself in a terrible situation – an abusive marriage. I didn’t know what to do or how to handle things most of the time. I began reading one chapter of Proverbs every day and praying that God would give me the wisdom to …

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From Victim To Victor: Overcoming Domestic Abuse And Divorce

I am a victor over domestic violence. I do not define myself by my experience. I rarely talk about it unless I’m sitting across the table or room from someone who is weeping as they tell the horrific stories of abuse that have occurred in their life. Yet our televisions and magazines are full of 48 Hours and Dateline stories …

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Co-dependency Re-defined


Clinically, co-dependency can be defined as “relationship addiction,” and it affects individuals who are in abusive and destructive relationships. These individuals are so desperate to stay in these relationships that they will tolerate extreme behavior. The problem I have with this perspective is that, on many occasions, it makes the co-dependent the “bad guy” in the situation. This definition highlights their …

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