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When And Why Should Christians Set Boundaries? – Part 2

We previously looked at scriptural support for boundaries as well as the ultimate goal of reconciliation. Also, we defined what boundaries are and reviewed some reasons that may warrant them. Now let’s continue by answering “who” may require boundaries and “when” boundaries may be considered. WHO – INDENTIFYING THE BOUNDARY TARGET Would boundaries be appropriate for everyone during my personal quiet time? Should …

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When And Why Should Christians Set Boundaries?

The word “boundary” immediately sounds restrictive and unfriendly. So why would Christians entertain such a cold possibility? Although boundaries are sometimes necessary, I suspect they are frequently and easily substituted for conflict resolution. On one hand, we need to restrict unsafe or undesirable elements from our lives. On the other, we may impose boundaries instead of addressing and resolving issues. …

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4 Tips On How To Function Around Emotionally Unstable People

How do you function around emotionally unstable people? You know who I’m talking about. That one person who dominates the conversation talking about their problems, yet cuts you off when you mention something about your own life. Or that coworker who relies on you to be emotionally supportive while they go through their divorce, yet offers no support when you’re …

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3 Keys To Turn Your Life Around

Women know that life is loaded with challenges. Single mothers face hurdles every day. In my new book Living Learning Loving, I share from my heart and my personal experiences ways to tackle the troubles head-on, ways to turn your life around. 1. Turn Loneliness Into Sacred Solitude Single moms often experience loneliness. Being lonely, however, is not the same …

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Why I Won’t Chase Him (Anymore)

Dating in today’s world is almost too convenient. At any moment of the day or night, you can log onto your choice of dating sites and connect with literally hundreds of men. When I started this second season of dating in my life, I was fascinated by the opportunity to send someone a quick note and start pursuing getting to …

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