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Finding And Keeping Your Joy

OK, who remembers that song from Sunday school … “I’ve got the joy down in my heart, where?” Some of those oldies were quite annoying, but the value found in them sticks with me even today. You feel me? In fact, I was thinking about that song the other day and the “WHERE?” really stood out to me. Where is …

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What’s Better Than An Attitude Of Gratitude?

Pick up any self-help book, and it’ll tell you that an “attitude of gratitude” is the key to changing your life. Gratitude shifts your focus from the negative to the positive, they say. It will alter your mindset and make you happier. I don’t disagree, but I’d like to suggest that there’s more to it — another level, perhaps. Of all the …

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How Hooking Up Is Like Medicine

Hooking up. It’s crossed my mind a few times in the past few weeks. Prior to that, it had been a year since I thought about it. That’s because I was in a committed relationship during that year. Now that it hasn’t worked out and I’m healing, lots of different thoughts are running through my head. Occasionally that one rears its …

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When Joy Meets You In An Unexpected Place

When was the last time someone patted you on the back and said, “Don’t give up hope!”? Memes, movies, testimonials, self-help books, friends and Bible verses all tell us to expect a rendezvous with joy. We are told that we shouldn’t lose hope when life seems enveloped in darkness, disappointment, loss or uncertainty; but after enough gut-wrenching disappointments, it appears …

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Finding Joy In Christmas

The ever-wise Internet has plenty to say about withstanding the holidays as a single adult. Huffington Post bloggers recommend everything from “You don’t have to get a tree” to “believe in the magic of Christmas, and the wonder of you.” Google searches turn up gems about not having to pretend to like a significant other’s gift and being selfish. If …

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Single, Happy And Loving Life

Single, Happy and Loving Life

I am a single woman, doing life in New York City and the world, and I am ridiculously happy pretty much all of the time. There is nothing spectacular in the natural to warrant the permanent and somewhat goofy smile that is plastered on my face. I live in the same crazy, chaotic, dog-eat-dog, unstable, pleasure-hungry world you do. What …

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