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Encouragement For The American Voter


As the election season rapidly winds down, the political atmosphere continues to heat up as each side tries to clench the top spot. There’s a seemingly endless barrage of mud-slinging and name-calling that is driving a wedge deep within our nation. The words and sentiment of our Pledge of Allegiance sound more like wishful thinking instead of declarations of our strength and identity. A nation once prided on being indivisible being very much divided — between politicians, platforms and policies.

I’ll admit it’s been frightening watching it all unfold. Not a day has gone by that hasn’t had more “bad news.” We’ve come to expect it as we scroll through our newsfeed or turn on the news. This candidate said this, and that candidate did that. Everyone is yelling, “I’m right! Listen to me!”

But no one is listening, and the noise is deafening.

Despite the chaos and madness, there is a truth we can all remember at this time. Especially at this time! And no, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, because honestly I have no idea what box to check come November 8.

What I do know is when all the ballots are tallied and counted up and someone is named the newly elected President of the United States, it will not change who sits on the throne in Heaven. He will never be voted out of that spot.

God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne. (Psalm 48:7)

Our God is not shaken by this election, and He certainly won’t be surprised who wins it. His reign and His rule will not falter in any way because He is the King of Kings, no matter who lives in the White House. Either way, God reigns.

Does that mean it doesn’t matter who we vote for then? No, I don’t think so. What it does mean is that we can walk in a peace and an assurance whether our candidate wins or loses. We can take our right to vote seriously while remaining confident in the Lord. As Christians, our salvation, our protection and our provision don’t come from Washington. Far from it, in fact! God is not restricted by a budget or a party. God isn’t Democrat or Republic, Independent or Libertarian. He can still do miracles, no matter who is appointed to the Supreme Court or who fills the chairs of Congress.

If you’ve been caught up in fear or discouragement or even anger during this season, let me encourage you in this: our God is bigger than American politics. We serve a God who can calm storms, level mountains and bring the dead to life again. We serve a God who spoke and in an instant, galaxies appeared. We serve a God who loves the whole world, yet pursues individual hearts.

Through this election, God remains good, faithful and trustworthy. While many focus on filling a position, let us focus our attention on the One who reigns over every race and nation. Let’s remember that our identity is not tied to a political party or even an earthly kingdom. We are heirs to a heavenly, eternal kingdom … and no one can take that away from us.

In his name (Jesus) the nations will put their hope. (Matthew 12:21)

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Holly is a 30ish-year-old writer who strives to share honestly and transparently in hopes that it will encourage others to be open about their own struggles and lessons learned. She's been accused of being sassy, which she finds to be an admirable attribute. Her favorite things include: making people laugh, chocolate, sweatshirt weather and authentic conversations over coffee. One day she hopes to find herself a bearded lumberjack to call her own.
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