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For My Single Girls This New Year

Goodbye, 2016!

Oh my, this year was a crazy one for me, but I can say with all honesty that it was the best one yet. I learned a lot. I was stretched a lot. And my faith is stronger than yesterday for sure.

I am really excited for this new year, and I fully believe it is going to rock. Are you with me? I really want to go into this year with some clear vision and expectancy for God to blow my mind. I wanted to make this list for myself and for you as we enter into 2017 and all it holds in store (see other For My Single Girl posts).

For my single girls this new year:

  1. Make a vision board. Something you can post and look at. Include your goals, things you want to happen this year, things you’re saving up for. Then, take the next step and get an action plan in motion.
  2. Get serious about God’s Word. Stop making excuses, and make it a normal, daily thing. Just do it. It will become so normal in your day that you will begin to crave it. As you open it up daily, pray that God will make you more like Him through His Word. As you read it, let it come alive to you and fuel you forward.
  3. Look for opportunities to make someone’s day better. It doesn’t matter who or what or when. Just begin each day with that mindset and the results will be epically awesome.
  4. Drink more water. Your skin and your insides will thank you for sure.
  5. Have a social-media-free weekend once in a while. Put your phone down and be present with your people.
  6. Start a new journal. Even if you haven’t filled up your old one yet. There is just something so special about a blank journal to fill your new year with. Also … WRITE IN IT (yes, I just yelled that at you over the internet)! Write down what you’re praying for. Write down what God is doing. Write down what is frustrating you. Write down God’s promises for you. Write it down!!!
  7. Take more baths. Get some Epsom salt, bubbles and essential oil. Light some candles and relax!
  8. Watch your language. The Bible says that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits” (Proverbs 18:21 ESV). So, watch what you’re saying. You have the ability to opt out of those gossip-filled conversations at work. You have the choice to say “praise the Lord” instead of “oh, s***!” when that car cuts you off out of nowhere. You have the ability (because of Jesus) to cast peace into any situation. You have the power inside of you to encourage that downcast soul sitting next to you.
  9. Fast. Start your year out right and give it to God. No, I’m not talking about a diet. I’m talking about a biblical fast. One where you deny your flesh and draw closer to Jesus.
  10. Wake up early on a Saturday instead of sleeping in, and go catch the sunrise. My personal preference is the beach because I’m blessed to live near one, but find a cool spot near you and watch the sky blossom as the sun wakes up. It’s magical.
  11. Invest in somebody. Treat them to frozen yogurt, and let them talk. Uplift them and point them to Jesus.
  12. Save up for something fun. Set money aside each month until you have enough for whatever it is. A cruise with your best gal pals perhaps (that one would take me quite a while) or maybe a day pass to a theme park.
  13. Take the stairs. The elevator is slow anyway.
  14. Let God into your day. I know that sounds silly, but think about how often we push Him out of areas instead of welcoming Him in. Talk to Him throughout your daily tasks. Seek His face in all your decisions. Let Him lead you.
  15. Pick up after yourself. Someone once told me if you clean up a mess as you make it, you’ll never have a mess. I thought it sounded strange, but I’ve come to learn it’s so true. As you’re cooking dinner, wash dishes as you go. As you’re getting ready in the morning, put your makeup back (after you use it) in a basket on your bathroom sink. It makes life so much easier.
  16. Make sugar a treat and not an everyday thing. Your body will stop being addicted to it and won’t need it as much, and you’ll feel awesome.
  17. Go on a weekend adventure. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Get some friends together and split the cost of a hotel room. Find some free things to do and plan a nice dinner out. Also, dress up for it because it’s fun to do that sometimes.
  18. Do something you’ve never done before. When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  19. Be daring.
  20. Walk in freedom.
  21. Laugh out loud.
  22. Dream really big.
  23. Live fully alive.
  24. Make your own list of things.

May this year be your best one yet. May you enter it with full expectancy for God to move in a mighty way in you and through you. May you walk in obedience and trust Him with everything. Happy 2017, dear one. Get ready for epicness!

About Beth Ann Platt

Beth Ann Platt is an artist, dreamer, coffee lover, D-I-Y-er and writer. She recently moved to Florida and is loving beach life. Her dream of sharing what Jesus teaches her became a reality in 2013 when she opened Elleizahbeth. She loves nothing more than making Jesus known through her art. Her desire is to celebrate Jesus in every moment, seek Him most in her singleness, and radiate His light and love in all that she does.
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