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[Movie] The Dating Project

Let’s be honest: It seems like no one understands us singles these days. The entire landscape of meeting people, how to date and the meaning of commitment is different for everyone. And adding to the complexities are navigating email, texting, social media and the actual in-person interaction.

Half of America is single. The way people seek and find love has radically changed.

The hook-up, texting and social media culture have profoundly altered the dating landscape. Traditional dating has become “outdated,” yet men and women still seek meaningful relationships. People are frustrated in love, but does anyone really know how to connect in today’s virtual world?

THE DATING PROJECT is a new non-fiction film from executive producer Steve McEveety (The Passion of the Christ, Braveheart), produced by Paulist Productions, Mpower Pictures and Family Theater Productions. It follows five single people, ages 18-40, as they search for authentic and meaningful relationships.

There is no script. There are no actors. These are real people trying to find love and happiness in an age of swiping left or right.

As a founder of a singles ministry, speaker and relationship coach, I was very interested in seeing this film. I nearly deleted their request to see it, because singles are often misrepresented. But one lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to watch a “little” of it. I was pleasantly surprised!

You’ll follow a 40-something, never-been-married man and find out what he is thinking about dating as an older single. You’ll meet some college students who are challenged in a class to DATE and not hook up. You’ll fall in love with the heart of the sweet gal from Chicago who feels unseen in a big pond. And a driven career woman who struggles to make time for dating.

No matter where you are in the process … no matter what age … you will learn something and be encouraged by the different people and their processes.

This movie exceeded my expectations because it addressed the different struggles in different seasons of singleness. We are all made for relationship, but often people don’t understand what is holding them back from having the love they desire. The stories were told in a funny, sensitive, engaging and hopeful way. I was invested in every person as if they were my own friends. I truly loved so many things about this documentary and highly recommend it!

You can buy tickets and see if a theater will be showing The Dating Project near you here:

The Single Matters Community (group on Facebook) is gathering together to see the movie on its release date, April 17, in various cities across the United States. To find a group near you, join the community today! The movie is only in theaters for ONE DAY. So don’t miss out on a time of fellowship and an inspiring movie.

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