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When Life Throws You a Curveball

When Life Throws You a Curveball
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When Life Throws You a Curveball … Financially … See the Opportunity!!

The stock market is up. The government says that the unemployment situation is better. If everything is so good, why aren’t my finances reflecting it? Why are things difficult?

This is a statement that I hear all too often. There seems to be a real disconnect between what the media is reporting on Wall Street and the reality down here on Main Street America. They fail to mention the some 46 million Americans on food stamps and the countless number of Americans who are not even reported as unemployed and not recognized in that 7.5 percent unemployment rate.

We are truly living in interesting times. The financial landscape of America has tremendously changed since the financial crisis began more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, the spiritual landscape has changed as well. People are looking to the government to fix problems instead of focusing on the only true solver of problems.

Life is throwing financial curveballs faster than we have the ability to swing. Individual plans and dreams are changing. Maybe that dream of a secure retirement is being challenged. Perhaps your overall financial situation has turned into a chaotic mess.

When faced with difficult financial situations, how do you respond? Perhaps you get angry about it, or throw a pity party or play the blame game. Being human, those are the easiest responses.

But there is a more important question: As Christians, how do we respond? Christ doesn’t want us to respond with human nature. When life throws a financial curveball, He wants us to see the opportunity.

The Opportunity to do Things Differently!

Within financial chaos, there is great opportunity for Christians. Financial chaos gets our attention and reminds us how much we need Christ to be the center of our financial lives. It offers us an opportunity to regroup and rethink how we are living our lives, to reexamine those financial goals and plans to make sure they are God’s plans and not ours alone.

I find that most financial messes are a result of our independent nature and making decisions without God. After all, who is better to make decisions with His money?

Regroup and Get Back into God’s Will!

If this current environment has turned your financial life into a whirlwind, there is simply one answer. Regroup and get back into the middle of God’s will for your life. Put God back in control of His money. After all, money was given to us by Him. Our responsibility is to be prudent stewards over it.

With God back in charge of your financial life, there is no obstacle too big to overcome. It is the safest place you can be in the midst of financial chaos. You can face anything that is thrown at you when you are surrendered and actively engaged in relationship with Christ.

It does take faith and courage to make that step. At the same time, there is no greater decision that you can make. Putting God back in control of your money will change your life for the better. He will show you a relationship with Him that you never imagined.

Help Others See the Opportunity!

When life throws a financial curveball, a second opportunity is created. It gives us the opportunity to show God to others. As a country we have placed money on the throne and worshiped it. Financial prosperity has been the priority for the past two or three decades. Unfortunately, that choice has a dark consequence and we are paying dearly for it.

At the same time, the prioritization of money could ultimately be the catalyst for bringing this country to its knees and back to God. As Christians, we have an opportunity to show others peace in the midst of financial chaos. This is one of the greatest opportunities to show others Christ.

Plans, dreams and goals change. The probability of change exists with every new day. We can’t control it. Life is going to happen regardless of how we think it should work. The only thing that we have control over is our decision to surrender and be in relationship with Christ. And his care for us never changes.

About Bob Brooks

Bob Brooks is a 21-year veteran of the financial services business and is president of Prudent Money Financial Services. Since 2002, Bob has hosted the daily financial talk show, "The Prudent Money Show." Bob is also the author of the book, "Deceptive Money." His passion is teaching people, from a Christian perspective, what they need to know to solve financial problems and get informed. By presenting the other side of the story, Bob helps listeners and readers become better stewards of their finances.
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