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3 Tips For Solo Exercise

CC Photo Courtesy of Keoni Cabral via Flickr
CC Photo Courtesy of Keoni Cabral via Flickr

Need to work off the holiday food? Have you been too busy to hit the gym?  Try these 3 fitness routines and get a jump-start on the January resolutions.

When workout buddies are not available, you can still find fun in fitness.

We can quickly get unmotivated to work out alone. At this point in our lives, we may not have that readily available, on-demand friend who can stop what they are doing to take that brisk walk or run hill sprints.

If you are a “people person” like me, you definitely love to have others join in your workouts. It helps the time pass, and you push each other to become better. When I am sweating solo, I like to challenge myself to maximize my time, and really build up this wonderful masterpiece called the body. Last year, I personally challenged myself to creatively utilize all the training I have received as an athlete, so I cancelled my gym membership (I love the gym) and began!

Here are a couple of ideas:

Hill Training: This will challenge you like it does me, but remember to focus, stay consistent and give it all you have. Please keep in mind to work up to more rigorous activity if you haven’t worked out in a while. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Start slow and progress to a run. First map out the hill to make certain it doesn’t have any divots or holes in the ground that could hurt you or twist your ankle. Start by warming up with stretching and a slow jog. Then add:

  • 6-8 sprints.
  • Core exercises with the benches at the bottom of the hill which includes 15-20 push-ups (wide and narrow), crunchesdipsstep-upssquats (do this between sprints as a partial cool-down but also keeping the heart pumping, muscles moving and oxygen flowing).

Dancing: Yes, dancing solo still equates to great exercise. Didn’t King David dance unashamed and with abandon before our God? Yes, he did. And some translations say he was naked. Eh, hem, I do not propose this idea, but if you are in the privacy of your own home and before the Lord—to each their own. I actually have danced unto the Lord, and even to some upbeat praise music, or just some good ol’ clean tune beats! It is very freeing, and there is no stopping to make sure you are in sync with a choreographed routine. Nope. Just good ol’ letting yourself loose!! Go ahead … I dare you. It is good exercise for the body, soul and spirit!

Intervals: You can do this inside or outside. This is simple and will remind you of PE class during your childhood days. I am talking about jogging in place, jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, crunches, jumping rope, planks (this came later), etc. You can do any series of intervals and repetitions. For example, I run in place as fast I can for about 20-30 seconds, then rest for about 15-30, then repeat. You can have fun with this and come up with your own combos. Do this for about 5 minutes and then add a minute a week, just as a target.

With any exercise or routine, please make sure you drink enough water (I have a water bottle with me at all times), stretch and stay consistent! You will have great success and fun, and you’ll see some results over time!

God bless you all and keep your soul, body and spirit engaged, in shape and challenged! We all have been blessed with abilities and desires; let’s steward it all well and excellently while there’s time!

About Kelley Workman

Kelley is single and one who is passionate about life, total health and relationships (God, family, friends and community). She has had many years of experience in sports, ministry, camps, basketball training, missions, research in health and wellness of body, soul, mind and spirit. Kelley is an identical twin and has a brother who is married with two precious children; and she has two dogs. For fun, she loves to be creative by writing songs, designing and cooking new recipes.
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