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A Love Letter From God

What were your first thoughts of yourself today?

Good? Bad? Meh?

What are your thoughts of yourself after I just asked you that question?

If you’re thoughts aren’t matching up with the thoughts Christ has about you, my friend, then we’re in trouble. 

A few months ago I headed to Starbucks to work on a writing project. I was pumped and ready, but as soon as my fingers touched the keyboard God changed the plan. He’s so good about interrupting our plans, isn’t He?

“I need you to write a love letter from me,” He whispered to my heart.

So, just like that, He ruined my plans and I set out on an obedient adventure to write this love letter to you, His beloved, straight from Him.

I need these words just as much as you do, Beloved. I’ve listened to it on hard days when I tend to forget who I really am. When the world beats me down. When I feel like sitting in shame instead of His truth.

You are not who yesterday says you are. You are who He says you are. And He says you are:

Beautiful ~ Forgiven ~ Accepted ~ Washed Clean ~ My Friend ~ My Bride ~ Lovely ~ Free from Condemnation ~ Justified ~ Saint ~ My Temple ~ Triumphant ~ A New Creation ~ My Heir ~ Holy ~ Blameless ~ Redeemed

May you be blessed by God’s love letter to you…

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