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A Prayer From College Still Prayed Today

Photo courtesy of  Tamer B Shabaneh  via Flickr
Photo courtesy of Tamer B Shabaneh
via Flickr

When I came to faith in Christ back in college, my mind was rough, to say the least.  It was packed with rapid-fire emotions and thoughts of aggression, anxieties, lusts and everything else which vie for the mind of men.

I was living in a fraternity house, trying to figure out life as a new follower of Christ, and loving Jesus as best I could.

One of the practices I came to was a simple, yet profound act for me. I decided to physically kneel down in my room and pray Psalm 19:14 every night. There I was, hunched over a musty brown couch, in my tiny, dank room, on the second floor of my beer-and-sweat-soaked fraternity house, praying nightly for the Lord to simply take over my thought life.

Thankfully my roommate was ALWAYS out way past my bedtime, so I was safe from him awkwardly walking in during this time!

Today, many years later, my prayers look and sound similar. This is my prayer for today, but my heart for every day …

Lord Jesus, please guide me this your day. You have given me this day as a gift, so please direct it at every turn. Please control my sinful urges, but unleash my God-given desires and passions. Both are vying for my heart today.

Grant me the courage and strength to simply “do the right thing” each minute of this day, for my weakness is palatable, but your strength and ability is limitless. Lord Jesus, “my spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak.” Please strengthen my spirit by your graciousness to carry my flesh.

My prayer this day is simple, as it is the same as David prayed in Psalm 19:14 – “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, oh Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Lord Jesus, you are truly my rock and my redeemer. I praise you, for you have risen, and with your conquering of death, life is made possible in you.  In this, you can and do redeem even my fleeting thought life.

In Christ’s Name I pray,


P.S.  Are there any verses/passages you consistently pray through? Would love to see them in the comments section below!

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John Gunter grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but has lived in East Asia for most of the past 15 years. John loves his life in Asia but misses his family, friends, church, baseball and bar-b-que (in that order) immensely. He enjoys scuba diving when the time and location permits. John blogs at on issues of faith, purpose, singleness and Asia.
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