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Create The Future You Desire

Create The Future

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass.”

—Paul J. Meyer, motivational speaker

Your mind is active all the time. You are constantly absorbing and filtering images and information as well as creating them. What you focus on becomes your reality. You attract the things your mind dwells on — thoughts, feelings, attention, energy, focus and belief—whether positive or negative.[1] This is God’s Law of Attraction and works just like the Law of Gravity or the Law of Motion. When you become aware of this, you can begin to frame your thoughts with intentionality. You can begin to think on purpose! You can actively bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,[2] demolishing arguments that your dreams can’t or won’t come true, that you are not brave enough, strong enough, smart enough, wealthy enough … or whatever else is stopping you from the bold pursuit of your purpose!

You have the opportunity to change your future this very moment. You can chart a new course for yourself right now. By facing your fears and embracing your dreams, you can begin to attract to yourself the very things you need to push you down the path of purpose and help you navigate your destiny.

This isn’t some hokey, power-of-positive-thinking mumbo jumbo; it’s the Word of God. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.[3] Anything is possible if you believe.[4] When you meditate on the Word of God and His thoughts concerning you, you are like a tree planted by streams of water; you will be fruitful, you will not wither and you will prosper.[5] You have the DNA of the Creator of the universe inside you.[6] You have the mind of Christ.[7] You have access to His desires for you, His resources to make these possible, and even His plans to make them work successfully.[8]

Your faith pleases Jesus.[9] He said you could have what you ask for in His name.[10] But do you believe it? Odds are you said “yes,” but if you had access to a transcript of your thoughts (both conscious and subconscious), you might be shocked at how negatively you view yourself, your abilities and your opportunities.

Every decision you make is taking you closer to or further from something you want. If you have defined what you want, the choices are clear.

If you can’t articulate your desires, then life’s current pushes you around as you allow circumstances, emotions or other people to guide the decisions that affect your future.

Whether you choose on purpose or let someone choose for you, your present is the product of all your past decisions.

For example, say you don’t believe you could go on a dream vacation to an exotic location. That’s just too much money … airfare, hotel, food. You believe you can never afford this. Every day you buy your $5 cup of coffee, and once a week you take in a movie or buy a pair of shoes or something else that isn’t terribly expensive. You work hard, after all. You deserve a tiny splurge.

But if you were to decide you wanted that dream vacation and began to see yourself sitting on the beach and feeling tropical breezes kiss your skin, you might browse destinations and find out how much airfare really costs. How much is the hotel? How much for three days … for five? With a dream in mind and actual data in hand about what it would take to make the dream come true, your creative juices can get to work. You put a photo of that destination as your computer’s backdrop so you see it every day. You think about losing ten pounds so a new bathing suit will fit just right. You set up a savings account for the trip (even if it is just a jar on your desk), and you put that $5 a day coffee money in the jar instead. The closer you get to your goal, the more energy you put into reaching it. You find ways to cut costs or earn extra and you save even more money for the promised prize.

Because you have a reason to lose weight, it is easier to make the right choice when you walk past the donuts in the breakroom.

When you have clear goals in mind, most of your decisions are made before you ever even encounter them.

You talk about the trip with friends and they get excited with you. Maybe one of them starts a dream vacation fund too; perhaps you’ll go together! Your family knows how much you are looking forward to booking your tickets, so for your next birthday you get money for airfare instead of another scarf or mug you don’t even like. Momentum builds, and before you know it, you are on a plane bound for Cabo!

This same thing happens for other dreams too. Maybe it’s writing a book, maybe it’s buying a new home, taking a class or getting a degree … whatever your dream, it becomes real when you find out what it is going to take and then set your mind in motion, fully persuaded that ALL things are possible and you CAN have your dream if you’ll only believe. It starts in your mind. What do you want? Say it out loud. What do you believe about this desire? Confront your fears. Take those thoughts captive and replace them with all the creativity and resourcefulness heaven has to offer. This is your moment to change your mind. This is your opportunity to change your mouth. You can create the future you desire. Ready?

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