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[Podcast] Manny Torres: American Idol, Cancer And Faith

Today on the podcast we have Manny Torres. You may remember him from American Idol a few years ago. He made it to the Top 14! We met through a common friend, and I’ve enjoyed hearing him perform live in downtown Chicago. I asked him to be a part of the podcast today to share his story. I know you’ll be inspired by his faith as he went from a lot of success and a total high to a low point in his life because of a difficult diagnosis.

Manny Torres is a Chicago-based singer-songwriter who lives for the passion-filled experience of his live shows. His music brings the secular and the sacred into conversation with each other, as he writes and covers songs that demonstrate the beauty, pain and hope that comprise the human experience as a whole. His voice is warm; even as he sings about heartbreak, such as in “Real Lies,” his ineffable joy resides underneath his sorrow. The effect of this is that Manny enables his listeners to bring their own hurting hearts into song with his — he creates space for them to fully feel their pain, release it, and partake in the musical healing offered by his voice. In this way, Manny’s music is an invitation to his listeners to embrace their hopes and fears, their joys and sadness, and find peace and calm within the messiness of life.



  • Life before American Idol
  • How auditioning for The Voice helped him land American Idol
  • How Manny handled the stress between show tapings
  • Why God allows challenges and how it strengthens you
  • How Manny’s faith supported him through the process
  • Why it didn’t help Manny to NOT have a “crisis story” on American Idol
  • How Manny was challenged at the age of 22 and diagnosed with testicular cancer
  • What Manny learned about faith during this scary season
  • How Manny radically shrunk his cancer by over 50 percent in a month (before treatment)!
  • Why a keto diet and what you eat can heal your body to health
  • The power of prayer
  • Why fasting is good for your physical and spiritual health
  • The new music that has come out of the difficult season


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