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For My Single Girls This Christmas

Hey, single gals.

‘Tis the season for “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls.” It’s a season full of laughter and fun, but I know the holidays can be tough sometimes too. There are so many parties to go to and dinners to get through. A lot of people are asking how your dating life is going or giving you unwanted advice about why you’re still alone. There are also a lot of moments surrounded by couples … while you’re the only one flying solo.

It’s easy to fall into the “I hate being single” pity party, but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to go there. Instead, choose to make this season an epic and joyous one. This is a time to celebrate Love coming down to rescue us and to set us free. Don’t allow yourself to get wrapped up in the fact that you don’t have a significant other to spend it with. Let’s choose to celebrate this season for what it is and make it the best one ever.

For my single girls this Christmas:

– Drive around to look at Christmas lights. Make sure to pack hot cocoa, of course.

– Make up some awesome excuse when someone asks why you are alone at the holiday party. I personally like, “He got lost a few years ago, and I can’t find him anywhere.”

– Make that yummy cookie recipe from childhood, and give your neighbors some. (If you don’t have one, find one on Pinterest.)

– Buy some fuzzy socks and pretend to ice skate around your kitchen.

– Have a gift exchange with your gal pals. It doesn’t have to be pricey. One time my friends and I spent about $5 for each girl in our group and bought one of our favorite things. I bought each of them my favorite lip balm. Each of us had a bag with our name on it, and each girl went around and put things in the bags. It was like a little stocking filled with our friends’ favorite things. It was so fun and inexpensive. Plus we walked away with some great goodies and memories.

– Find a toy drive for kids like Angel Tree or something like that. It is so fun to shop for them and wrap up their gifts! You can totally make their Christmas morning a cheerful one.

– It’s soup season. Make some soup. There are some great crockpot recipes for chicken tortilla soup or really any soup. Yummy!

– Find a favorite verse or passage to meditate on during this season. Look it up in different versions. Handwrite it and hang it up in places you’ll see. Memorize it. Share it with your friends and family.

– Have a decorating party complete with Christmas music blasting. Cut out snowflakes and tape them on your windows. Make a paper chain and drape it across your walls.

– Read a Christmas-themed book. One of my favorites is Barbara Robinson’s “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” It’s a children’s book that my 5th-grade teacher read our class. I have read it almost every year since.

– Make time for yourself. Among the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, annoyed and stressed. Take a nice long bubble bath. Say “no” to that party you don’t even want to go to. Treat yourself to a pedicure. Do something for you.

– Wrap your gifts “extra.” Don’t just slap some paper and tape on them. Wrap them up with cute tags and twine. Make them so pretty that the recipients won’t even want to unwrap them! Also, write heartfelt notes or cards when you give out gifts this year. Imagine how special you’d feel reading something thought-out and written that way.

– Read the Christmas story. Let the Holy Spirit reveal something new to your heart as you are reminded how much you are loved by God.

– Have a cheesy holiday flick marathon with some pals. I mean, you have to! Someone can bring the popcorn. Another friend can bring drinks. And another can supply the candy.

– Give and give and give some more. I don’t just mean money. Give your time. Take someone out for coffee and treat them. Give your smile to that stranger who looks like they are having a bad day. Give your energy. Volunteer somewhere that’s spreading holiday cheer. Give your ear to a friend who really needs to talk. Find unique ways to give without expecting anything in return.

– Save your change and pour it into the Salvation Army buckets on your way into the mall.

– Spend time with Jesus everyday. This is the best cure for the lonely blues. I promise. There is absolutely, positively nothing sweeter than abiding in Him.

– Be daring.

– Walk in freedom.

– Laugh out loud.

– Dream really big.

– Live fully alive.

– Make your own list of things.

Friend, don’t let yourself be bummed out this season. There are so many moments ahead for you to treasure if you allow it to be so. Cultivate a heart of thanks and live out the joy of the Lord. Being single during the holidays doesn’t have to suck! Cheers from me to you! Merry Christmas, loves!

About Beth Ann Platt

Beth Ann Platt is an artist, dreamer, coffee lover, D-I-Y-er and writer. She recently moved to Florida and is loving beach life. Her dream of sharing what Jesus teaches her became a reality in 2013 when she opened Elleizahbeth. She loves nothing more than making Jesus known through her art. Her desire is to celebrate Jesus in every moment, seek Him most in her singleness, and radiate His light and love in all that she does.
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