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Get Focused, Fresh And Fit!

Get Focused, Fresh and Fit
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Do you find that you get distracted and lose sight of goals if you don’t have accountability?

Sometimes as a single, you can ignore your health because no one is working out or cooking with you. Eating out becomes an easier option than trying to cook for one. When you get home from work, no one is saying “let’s go to the gym” (if you live alone), or you have a roomie who isn’t into fitness. It’s easy to get out of a routine and ignore what is best for your overall health, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

I’m single, so I get it—I’ve been there! But, I also have a plan to help you get back on track in 3 easy steps. Although I am a huge proponent of “team” and having a friend to work out with, I encourage you to do things on your own as they become important components of your own lifestyle.

I am passionate about many things in life, but a major passion is healthy living at the mind, body and spirit levels.

My passion for total health and wellness formed over a period of years, beginning as a young girl. My mom was always shoving questionable concoctions down my throat so I’d get the right nutrition found lacking in our foods. Thanks to her innovation and passion for true health, I developed a desire to nourish my body with the right foods to achieve optimum performance. Developing this discipline was especially important since I had the opportunity play basketball at the D-1 and pro levels.

I’ve trained with some of the nation’s best strength and conditioning coaches as a Division-1 athlete. I even worked with a personal trainer who happened to have on his resume: “Consultant for the ‘Biggest Loser'” and “Consultant and Trainer for Olympic athletes.” I have been blessed both to receive and to implement such training.

So, how about you? Are you looking to establish goals and be a healthier you? Are you ready to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can be all God has created you to be, and do what He’s created  you to do?

Grab your Bible, journal, determination and intentionality, and let’s get focused, fresh and fit!


Focus can be defined as a specific and determined effort to achieve a desired result, no matter what it takes. Commitment and discipline are key companions to focus. Every day you are alive, you have a choice to embrace actions that will get you closer to your dreams. I am convinced, not only by research, but also from the fruit of my own life, that I am where I am today due to focus.

Take some time to pray and receive inspiration and revelation from God.  Then, write it down along with your dreams, desires and goals. Afterwards, write 2-3 actions with reasonable dates that will help you focus with discipline, commitment and anticipation.

Spend time with God, focusing on Habbakuk 2:2-3; Matthew 4:4; 6:33 and Ps 34:7.


Eat less junk food and more fresh veggies, fruits and good sources of proteins and fats, along with fresh juices and water. I have seen tremendous results when I keep my focus to stay fresh in my diet. Your body will thank you for it now and in the future.

Focus on more fresh veggies, fruits and water into your hydration plan. The body must be well hydrated to avoid negative implications to your health. A great habit is to carry a water bottle with you. Scientists have found that drinking half your body weight (minimum) in ounces of water daily will keep your body hydrated.  Sorry, sodas (sweet poison), herbal teas and healthy coffee won’t provide pure hydration.

Focus on the fresh aspect of your diet in the Scriptures by reading and meditating on Daniel 1:-21 and 1 Corinthians 10:31.


Fitness is an area in which many of us have struggled and continue to struggle. After going through a “storm,” I became depressed and gained noticeable weight. It can happen to all of us, and sometimes it may be necessary to take a “mini-retreat” to recover. However, no matter the situation, staying physically active will get those “feel good” hormones going, fat burning, muscle building and body getting fit while lifting the spirit and soul. God’s  genius is evident in how He made our bodies to run, heal and produce. We need to tend it well, friends.

Get outdoors and do 30 minutes of brisk, heart pumping exercise, like a fast-paced walk/jog around the neighborhood, “hill training,” swimming, dancing or attending fitness classes. For beginners, I encourage you to start with at least two days a week and work up to a minimum of four to six days weekly,  depending on your pace, desire and schedule. Keep track in a journal, daily calendar or app so you can track your progress. It’s encouraging to reflect back on a view of your routine and experience a sense of accomplishment and accountability.

Focus on the fitness aspect of 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.

Be encouraged!

Implementing these principles and tips in our lives, even a little at a time, will be the best gift to ourselves and others. Personally, I have found that mental, spiritual and physical fitness are imperative for the success of my life’s perspective and output. When my total health is balanced, I am a more productive and thriving individual. So be encouraged, and begin right where you are. It’s never too late to begin good habits.

You have been born for such a time as this. It’s time to take your life to the next level in your whole health unto God, and to live with impactful purpose now and for eternity!

What have you found helps you stay focused, fresh or fit?

About Kelley Workman

Kelley is single and one who is passionate about life, total health and relationships (God, family, friends and community). She has had many years of experience in sports, ministry, camps, basketball training, missions, research in health and wellness of body, soul, mind and spirit. Kelley is an identical twin and has a brother who is married with two precious children; and she has two dogs. For fun, she loves to be creative by writing songs, designing and cooking new recipes.
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