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Hearing God’s Voice

Photo courtesy of astrid westvang via Flickr
Photo courtesy of astrid westvang via Flickr

The kids and I were headed to a friend’s house to spend a few hours playing together. On the way, I decided to stop by Burger King and get all of us a treat — chocolate milk shakes, yummy! I pulled into the drive-thru and was greeted with, “Good morning, welcome to Burger King. How are you doing today?” The woman on the other end of the speaker was filled with joy and a certain sweetness to her tone. She sounded genuinely caring. I ordered the drinks and pulled forward to wait in the line of cars ahead of me.

As I waited, the Holy Spirit began to speak gently asking me to encourage this woman who was so kind. He encouraged me to thank her publicly in front of her manager. In disbelief, I began to shake my head no. I didn’t have time for this, nor did I want to do it. My curious son questioned my head shaking. “Mom,” he said, “what are you shaking your head no about?”

“Nothing son,” I replied. “Just thinking to myself.” I quickly turned on the radio to drown out the thoughts of my own disobedience.

I was now the next car in line to pay at the window. I started to listen to the radio, and the announcer said, “Today as you’re sitting in your car in the drive-thru, ask to speak with the manager and publicly thank the person who helped you in the drive-thru. This will encourage them greatly.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard on the radio, it was as if the announcer were inside my head and had heard my conversation with God. I had the chills all over my arms, even on my face. I remember yelling out, “Are you kidding me?” I quickly shut the radio off. I was totally freaked out and I muttered, “Fine, OK, I’ll do it!”

As I pulled up to the window, I was welcomed with a warm smile behind the voice I had heard at the menu board. I didn’t want to lose my courage, so before she could say a word I blurted out, “Can I speak with your manager?”

“Sure,” she said smiling, and away she went.

The manager came to the window and said, “Is something wrong? How can I help you?”

I responded, “No, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to tell you that this employee here, (For the story we will call her Holly) Holly, has incredible customer service and I am so thankful. She was kind and polite and she should be teaching others on the skills of customer service. She deserves a raise.” The manager agreed and said that Holly was one of their best employees.

We left, and on the drive over to my friend’s house I called the radio station and explained what had happened in the drive-thru minutes earlier. The radio host thanked me for calling in and encouraging him and the staff. We both praised Jesus and gave God the glory before the call ended.

We arrived at the play-date and I shared with my friend what had transpired, and we laughed and were both in awe of God. I began sharing with her how I had been invited to attend a women’s retreat earlier and I didn’t want to go, but felt like the Lord was leading me to go anyway. My friend gently urged me to listen to the Holy Spirit’s nudging and she reminded me that we never know what He has in store. We had a great time of fellowship as the kids played hard, and we were all sad to leave.

Later that evening after much whining and complaining I finally decided to go to the women’s retreat. I walked in late and there were only a few seats available so I squeezed in hoping to go unnoticed. All the ladies were singing and worshipping and the lights were low. I placed my stuff on the table and closed my eyes and began to sing.

After worship was over we all began to be seated and the lady sitting next to me turned to me and said, “Hi, I am Holly. Thank you so much for what you did for me today. You have no idea how much that encouraged me. This was one of the hardest days I have had in a long time and I really needed that encouragement.” She was crying and I was crying and we hugged each other. She was motioning her friends over that she had told earlier about this mystery lady that came through the drive-thru; and now she was saying, “Here she is, here she is!”

God is awesome and He gets all the glory for every bit of this story. This is one example of a normal day when I almost missed out on a huge blessing. This is all about being obedient to the Holy Spirit. I believe it all starts with a willing heart.

Are we ready, eager and prepared? Can we be faithful, loyal, and steadfast to what He is quietly asking? And finally, will we be obedient? Trust has never been easy for me and neither has obedience … but that day in the Burger King drive-thru, I am so glad God whispered to my heart and gave me an opportunity for obedience to Him. He increased my faith.

Teandra Knapp is a wife, mother, writer, blogger, nurse, teacher and friend. She is in love with and married to her best friend, Luis! Together they have seven children in a blended family. She has a passion to help and encourage women heal from past hurts and condemnation through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  She is a living testimony of God’s grace and mercy through trials and sufferings she has healed from in her own life. She blogs at

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