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How God Sees You

Congratulations. You made it through the first few months of the year. With all the negativity and heightened emotions, it’s nothing short of a miracle that we’re all still here in one piece. Take a deep breath. We’re going to make it.

As a way of offering a breath of fresh air, I want to take the next few moments of your time to tell you a little something about yourself. You need this, believe me. We all do. This is a moment for you to wipe off the grime the world has been throwing, and breathe in these words like a fragrant wind.

Let me tell you a little something about yourself:

  • You are ridiculously loved; unashamedly and unconditionally. You don’t need to do anything to “earn” God’s love. Just be you.
  • You are amazing. You have such creative talents inside of you that only you can use. God created a work of art when He made you. You are simply breathtaking.
  • God delights in you. Spending time with you gives Him great joy. You are such a treasure.
  • If you’re His daughter: You’re beautiful. Your good Father took special care creating every part of your body. It makes Him sad when others try to “recreate” his masterpiece. You are perfectly and wonderfully made in His image.
  • If you’re His son: You are strong. Your daddy God is proud of the man you’ve become. He loves how you protect others. Your inner strength comes from Him.
  • You have so much to offer. God has put so much inside of you. Like a field of seeds waiting to grow, you have many good things inside of you that will bring joy and freedom to others. He loves that about you.
  • You are loved. Your parents may not have loved you well, but God is crazy about you. The way you laugh. The way you walk. The way you fidget. The way you love. You reflect Him when you love well. He’s so proud of you.
  • You are enough. Through His son, Jesus, you are complete, whole and without sin. He doesn’t remember your past mistakes. He only sees you through Jesus. He sees you as perfect love, manifested from heaven.
  • He loves watching you grow. Your steps may feel like baby steps, but He’s clapping and cheering you on with each step. He loves when you’re brave and take another step of faith. Keep walking!

Dear friend, although we may not know each other well, allow these words to be seeds within your soul. Bury them deep within yourself so you can grow as a son or daughter of the God of the universe.

Negative words are cheap and easy to spew; that’s why the world flings them so aimlessly. But you are made for much more than this. You have the ability to use words to bring life and joy to those around you.

Take a minute and tell someone what you appreciate about them. Write on a friend’s Facebook page what you admire about them. And for heaven’s sake, call your grandmother and thank her for all the time she spent praying for you.

You are a vital part to this collective life called faith. You play an integral role in helping the body of Christ move forward. You have good things inside of you that will bring healing and joy to the world around you.

Be brave and speak it out. Let others know that they matter to you.

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Tannis is a paper-loving girl in a digital world. An executive assistant by day and a writer by night, she enjoys copious amounts of coffee, deep discussions, and seeking God with her whole heart.
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