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Interview: Wendee Mannon’s New Book “Love Unstuck”

As a single woman, have you ever wondered how you can move forward in finding love? Wendy Mannon is the author of Love Unstuck: Be the Leading Lady, as well as, the owner and CEO of a Christian online dating site; and she has some wisdom for us on how to walk out this journey. She focuses on the importance of laying a foundation and knowing the different stages for relationships and why each one is necessary. I have no doubt you’ll be encouraged by what she has to say!
Holly Hrywnak: After growing up in the generation of “waiting” or only dating “the one,” what revelation did you have about dating and relationships?
Wendy Mannon: The overriding revelation I believe the Lord gave me is that I had the privilege to partner with Him to move toward my desire for a marriage relationship instead of just waiting around for something to happen. He was extending the invitation to me to be a part of the beautiful process and decision, which was incredibly empowering and stirred my hope level. The partnership would include prayer, belief, hope and action. It changed my whole outlook, and I believe, led me to my husband.
HH: Why is it important to enjoy the stages and process of relationships?

WM: I believe stages are key, and most romantic relationships go through a similar pattern to build a lasting foundation. These include crushing, questioning, committing, trusting and finally ending in engagement, just before marriage. Each stage has its own purpose to add strength to the foundation of the relationship and allow trust to develop in the midst of the questions that come up as you navigate toward making such a huge decision of choosing a life partner. Good relationships are built on strong foundations in the midst of choice. God gives us a choice in everything, including the choice for Him and how deep and far we go with Him. I believe this extends into the area of relationships as well. The different stages help both men and women make a really good decision that is meant to last a lifetime. Marriage is the choice of “yes” everyday to that person that you’ve made covenant with, so it’s important to not rush the stages of a relationship or skip them, because this can cause avoidable problems later on.

HH: What are some truths that are important for people to remember in their singleness?
WM: Some truths that I believe are vital to remember when someone is single and desiring marriage is that God wants to help them fulfill this desire. He’s a good Father who wants good for His children, including the partnership of marriage, which He created. Another important truth is that no matter what you see in your natural circumstance, God is bigger. It’s easy for you to meet your future spouse and head into a lifelong marriage relationship, because He’s big enough to help connect you. Another truth is that you’re not lacking anything being single. You are complete in God. Knowing your own value and worth is also invaluable as it attracts the same type of person who knows their value and worth. This helps create a healthy relationship foundation.

HH: Why is hope a key belief in our singleness?

WM: Hope is vital because it affects every part of our lives. When we are hopeless, we tend to get stuck. Hopelessness equals not believing the truth about God and who He is to us in some way. Hopelessness also portrays who you are to those around you in a skewed way. Imagine meeting an incredible potential mate while you are “stuck” in hopelessness. They wouldn’t see who you really are because when your hope levels are low, it projects negatively. Hopeful people are influencers and they also attract people to themselves. Hope helps us to see things the way God sees them. He is so full of hope, so getting His perspective on this area of singleness is vital!
You can purchase Wendee Mannon’s book Love Unstuck by clicking on the image of the book below. We know you will enjoy the encouragement from Wendy and find hope in your season of singleness.


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