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Is Your Insecurity Like A Tiny Barking Dog?

How does your insecurity express itself?

When I’m walking my 150-pound English mastiff through the neighborhood, she struts her stuff. Her tawny fur shines in the gentle breeze. Her giant feet plod along as her massive girth takes up most of the sidewalk. She’s big and beautiful, and she knows it.

The smaller dogs in the area know it, too. When they see her coming, they hop around with anxiety, tug on their leashes and bark like crazy. They don’t know her fun-loving personality. They don’t care that she often drools on herself and is a furry speed bump most of the time. They just see her size, feel intimidated and bark. And bark, and bark and bark.

The tiny dogs’ insecurities got me thinking: They are just like us. We’re fine as long as no one better crosses our path. When someone bigger, and seemingly better, throws a shadow our way, rather than marveling at their unique qualities, we let our intimidation through and let the ugly residing within us come out like hot vomit.

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. –Matthew 12: 34

So how do you deal with insecurity? How do you own your uniqueness without invalidating the qualities of those around you? Or better yet, are you content with the life God has given you?

Jesus dealt with barking dogs, too, better known as Pharisees. They were so concerned about keeping up appearances that they invalidated the goodness of Jesus Christ through their harsh words and judgment. Jesus didn’t let the Pharisees throw him off course. Jesus kept walking the path his Father set before him, living under his direction and guidance. He didn’t let the insecurities of the Pharisees cause him to question his own divine placement on the earth. The Pharisees’ words were unkind and grating to the ear, like barking dogs, but Jesus didn’t let their insecurities throw him off course. He didn’t snap back at them and respond in kind. Rather, he told the disciples, “leave them alone” (Matthew 15:14). I think that’s good advice.

The bigger question that begs asking is: Have you forgotten your own uniqueness?

Do you not know how amazingly intricate and exceptional you are?

Perhaps you once were fully aware of your position as a daughter or son of the King of Kings, but something has made you question yourself. Let me remind you that you were born on this planet at the right time. Almighty God took great care in forming you in your mother’s womb. He sings over you and delights having you as His child. He’s such a good Father, and His heart is bursting with love for you. He has so much joy in store for you (Psalm 139:15, Zephaniah 3:17, Romans 5:8, John 15:11).

So keep strutting your stuff. Don’t let the bigger dogs intimidate you. Walk confident in the Father’s love, and know that bigger doesn’t always mean better. And sometimes, the bigger dogs drool on themselves when you’re not looking.

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Tannis is a paper-loving girl in a digital world. An executive assistant by day and a writer by night, she enjoys copious amounts of coffee, deep discussions, and seeking God with her whole heart.
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