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What Happy Singles Know About Relationships

My church is currently doing a series called “What Happy Couples Know.” At first I was discouraged; after all, I’ve been single for nine years now. I don’t have any prospects of a relationship or marriage. I’m not saying that door is closed, but at this moment I’m seeking happiness as a single Christian woman approaching 50. I’m seeking to …

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How To Overcome Toxic Thoughts

“Get that thing out of here!” I shrieked as the snake slithered down the hall and out of sight. “Aw, that thing is more afraid of you than you are of it,” Tom said. I cast a withering look in his direction, every nerve in my body on edge, poised and waiting for the creature to reappear. Of course, I …

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How To Handle Rejection

    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. –Psalm 34:18 (NIV) When you feel insignificant, abandoned or rejected, remember God sees where you are. And He throws no one away. I was recently betrayed and abruptly discarded by some friends over a silly misunderstanding. But God interrupted my rejection pity party by reminding …

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When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong

I still remember the day these words were spoken to me at a prophetic training event at church. “I just felt like the Lord says sometimes you feel downcast about yourself. I saw you with a crown on your head.  And He just wanted you to know … He wants you to see you how He sees you. He says …

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How To Avoid Rejection

I’m going to state the obvious: Rejection hurts! Rejection pierces deep into our soul realm where genuine pain is triggered. Rejection used to be limited to immediate social circles or dating relationships. Now the serious and traumatic types resulting from divorce, job loss, betrayal and family abandonment are paralyzing. They are the type that plague us and keep us from …

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When Affection Isn’t Mutual

I had been sitting in Barney’s for half of the day with my favorite fragrance connoisseur narrowing down incredible, exclusive fragrances to find “the” one that represented him. After hours of fragrance stories, note descriptions, and pairing, I took one inhale of the exclusive Italian cocktails, and was whisked into the embrace of the one my heart had fallen hard …

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When You’re Struggling With Rejection

Rejection — it’s inevitable. Sooner or later, every one of us will experience it. Some of us, more than once. And every time it happens, we can’t help but ask ourselves some questions. Usually the first question is Why? Then come the thoughts we rehearse over and over, replaying that moment of rejection … wishing we’d asked more questions or said less in response. Sometimes …

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Are You Being Rejected Or Protected?

Rejected or Protected?

There is not one human being on the earth who has not felt rejected at one time or another. It’s the nature of the fallen world in which we live. At the end of the day, most people will default to doing what is best for them at the expense of another. When it comes to dating, rejection can sting! …

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5 Ways To Rise Above Rejection

5 Ways to Rise Above Rejection

However you Google it, most sources list REJECTION as one of the top 10 most common fears among humanity. And let’s face it—it stinks. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to navigate life without encountering it at some point, as I’m sure you have noticed. Fearing rejection from any source (friends, significant others, family, job, clubs, ministry) can stop you dead …

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