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Truckload Of Grace

Truckload of grace

This year has proven to be a challenge. It’s been a combination of pressing into growing as a wholehearted person and embracing more vulnerability and bravery. In stepping out onto these uncharted waters, I have been met with fierce resistance that has caused me to question my core values. I spent hours praying and pondering if being brave and vulnerable is really worth it all. So I took a few steps back to evaluate if I’m going in the right direction and prayed for grace.

Actually, I prayed for a truckload of grace.

And then realized how great my need was, changed my mind, and prayed for a semi-truckload of grace.

A few weeks went by, and life was still hard. I kept moving forward and put my imagination into action by visualizing a truckload semi-truckload of grace coming my way. I put my expectations on the shelf of hope, believing that the Lord hears my cries and would either move me from my pain, or send grace to alleviate the pressures I was facing.

And then one day I was driving home, listening to a teaching about hearing the voice of God. The teaching was solid and was from one of my favorite passages from John.

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” — John 10:27

As I allowed the teaching to refresh my soul, I felt in my spirit to look up. I was driving down familiar back roads where the traffic is slim and industry is far away. A semi-truck was in front of me … with the name “Tanis Trucking” on the back.

My name is not very common, in fact, I’ve never met another person with my name before, but here it was, on the back of a semi, heading to my hometown.

My spirit leapt within me as I felt the Lord remind me of my plea. I had a deep knowing that my semi-truckload of grace had arrived. Overwhelming love washed over me as I felt God speaking to me through a real-life prophetic symbol, literally right in front of me.

In believing that my grace had arrived, my burdens began lifting off my shoulders.

You may be thinking, That is just a coincidence, or That’s just wishful thinking. Maybe so. But what if it wasn’t? What if God, in His infinite plan, sent that semi on the back roads of a tiny town with my name on it, to build my faith, to encourage my weary soul, and to breathe life back into my spirit? On the side of being over-encouraged, I’m not going to try and reason away the Holy Spirit, but receive the Lord’s grace.

“Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” — John 16:24b

What have you been asking the Lord for? What has been heavy on your heart that you have been believing God to alleviate in your life? Have you been looking for the answer? The Lord is always speaking. Sometimes it’s through the Bible. Sometimes it’s through a sermon, or a teaching, or even nature, dreams, and visions.

But sometimes God speaks through a real-life semi, driving right in front of you with your name on it. Will you look up to see it?

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Tannis is a paper-loving girl in a digital world. An executive assistant by day and a writer by night, she enjoys copious amounts of coffee, deep discussions, and seeking God with her whole heart.
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