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What Is Your Faith Focused On?

Over the course of the summer, I felt a shift in my spirit that was hard to shake. It was a good shift and reminded me that I’m a day closer to my destiny, a step closer in my purpose, and one more moment away from meeting my future husband.

Week after week, God confirms something new in me — from a pruning moment to simply answering my question. I had to declare my faith in God, to God, and declare His promises spoken to me.

Perhaps you feel the same as me. Has God given you the desire to marry or called you to marriage, but right now, where you are, you’re not seeing any prospects or even “feeling” any changes coming?

I was reminded of what our Lord said to His disciple Thomas in John 20:29:

Because you have seen Me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed.

Thomas couldn’t believe Jesus was standing before him. The same Jesus he walked with and served alongside until His death. He had come to know Jesus Christ, but still had a moment of wavering faith. The same could be said about our wait for God’s timing regarding a future spouse. Like Thomas, we can experience something that impacts our faith’s focus to the point that we don’t see God at work in front of us.

What is your faith focused on?

When we focus our faith on the gift, the blessing or the breakthrough, we can get distracted and frustrated because it’s not here … at this moment. Let’s face it, our flesh doesn’t want to wait. And for those living in prolonged singleness, like myself, we have moments when we question God’s will for us in the romantic relationships department. But honestly, when I doubt in those moments, it’s because — like Thomas — I needed proof or tangible evidence that the blessing is on the way or here. I want to see it before I believe it.

How is your faith at work?

But Father God reminds us in His Word to focus on Him and not diminish our faith. God is at work on our behalf. We believe by faith that we are loved, protected and have an eternity with Him to look forward to.

So if you haven’t been on a date in a while or are having a difficult time meeting people of substance, I encourage you to shift your focus once again from the evidence of God’s faithfulness to the One who we have faith in. God is at work all around us and for us. Do you believe it?

How is our faith blessed?

We are blessed if we don’t see … yet believe anyway. Another word for yet is “still,” as in being steadfast in the midst of, not budging, not moving. Let nothing shake your faith and what Jesus is doing in your life.

God is transforming us through His Spirit and giving us the endurance to hold on. We must fight for our faith and trust what He will do on our behalf. His word says that we are blessed in spite of not seeing our blessings. It takes faith to believe that promise, but the beauty is that this very word is something we can hold on to. He is not finished blessing us.

May God bless you tremendously as you wait and grow your faith in the process. The Father is consistently reminding us to shift our faith focus to Him. He is where our faith comes from.

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Tatianah Green is a multimedia content creator and editor with a passion for writing. In 2012 she launched the blog {Black Love & Inspiration for Saved Singles} to encourage singles in faith and love. She is also a contributing writer for several other websites including Culture and God, Black and Married With Kids, and The Wire Hanger By Winnie. She recently published her first book entitled Journey to 30: A Single Woman's Guide to Living Unapologetically Without Deadlines. As she embraces her thirties, Tatianah works, plays and lives unapologetically for Christ in Chicago.
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