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10 Things Singles Can Do Instead Of Complaining About Valentine’s Day

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We are quickly approaching every single’s least favorite “holiday”: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day chocolates, which can be quickly spotted by the bright red wrappers, has been on sale since before Christmas stuff had time to get off the shelves. Get out of the way, Santa! Cupid is here.

Cupid brings with it all its lovey-dovey-glory and weeks worth of romantic Hallmark movies to indulge in. Many singles (and even married people … if they’d admit it) try to avoid February 14, much like the “meet and greet time” at church on Sundays. Winner goes to the person who had to shake the least amount of hands. At least, that’s the winner in my book.

I understand why singles dislike (maybe dislike isn’t a strong enough word) Valentine’s Day. I mean, I’m writing this as someone who has been single for over 10 years, which means I’ve had 10 years of complaining about Valentine’s Day. For many of us, it’s a reminder that we still get to check “single” on all the forms and that grandma is going to continue asking if we’ve met anyone nice yet. No, Grandma, not yet.

It’s tiring to have to repeat my relationship status so many times (I mean check my Facebook page already), but then again, so is the complaining. I’ve decided I won’t be complaining this year. I mean, except for those first few paragraphs. Since I will be saving so much time by not complaining about my singleness this Valentine’s Day, I thought maybe I could do some other more productive things.

In no particular order:

  1. Learn a new language. Maybe if I learn Klingon I’ll widen my scope for possible dates. Sure, anyone who knows Klingon is a little nerdy, but if he looks anything like Johnny Galecki, then you won’t find me complaining.
  2. Clean out under my sink. Is this the catch-all junk space for anyone else? Near empty bottles of toxic chemicals that I’m not quite sure what they clean, but hold keep them in case I need them one day. It’s scary and dark under there, which is why I’ve been avoiding it. Maybe I could borrow my sister’s headlamp.
  3. Write my book. I’ve been putting that off for a year or so anyway. This will be a much more creative and positive way to express myself. Still just as sassy, but that’s going to be there regardless.
  4. Take a vacation. We all need one of those. Long hours at work and no one to rub our feet when we get home means we could all use a lounge chair on a beach with nothing but sunshine on our skin and a cold drink in our hands. Plus, Facebook has already been showing me ads for swimsuits (yes, seriously). I’m taking the hint!
  5. Get my inbox down to zero. That may take time and a miracle. Is there such a thing as virtual hoarding? Who am I kidding, of course there is. It’s called Pinterest.
  6. Work out. Speaking of Pinterest, I’ve got over 100 fitness pins. Maybe I should actually do something about that.
  7. Shave my legs. Summer is the only season that makes shaving one’s legs necessary. From there things go downhill fast. Shavers cost so much money and it takes so much time. And for what? Well, I guess I can’t use my “lack of time” excuse anymore.
  8. Memorize Psalm 119. It’s only 176 verses and I heard memorizing actually helps keep your brain healthy. Both spiritual and physical benefits — Hallelujah!
  9. Rewatch all 10 Seasons of FRIENDS. I heard there’s going to be a FRIENDS reunion, which gives me an excuse to laugh, cry and yell “PIVOT!” again. I’m just going to pretend that Joey doesn’t have a visible headful of grey hair now.
  10. Find myself a date. I could complain about not having a date on Valentine’s Day or I could find myself a date. I advise against using Tinder to find a date, but why not make a homemade (read: cheesy) Valentine and give it to someone you’d like to get to know. If that’s not your style, gather up your favorite friends and enjoy a night together. Eat pizza and play Settlers of Catan (there’s my nerd talk again) or get dressed up and eat at the fancy restaurant in town.

Whatever you choose to do in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, of which I’ve given you plenty of ideas, my hope is that you’d remember that regardless of whether you have a date on February 14 or not, you are loved. Plus, February 15 means half-price chocolate! Now that’s something to get excited about.

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Holly is a 30ish-year-old writer who strives to share honestly and transparently in hopes that it will encourage others to be open about their own struggles and lessons learned. She's been accused of being sassy, which she finds to be an admirable attribute. Her favorite things include: making people laugh, chocolate, sweatshirt weather and authentic conversations over coffee. One day she hopes to find herself a bearded lumberjack to call her own.
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