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He Looked Inside the Man

He Looked Inside the Man
Image courtesy of © Foytography by Jesse Foy

He looked affectionately at the man He had made. He had taken some of His own heart and put it in there. He could see His Spirit roaming around inside the man. What He had deposited there would one day rejoin Him in a one-of-a-kind reunion. The desire for that moment would grow every day until it happened. But He understood what was happening, and He had the advantage of Eternal Patience. The man understood less and would have more trouble with the tension of waiting. To help the man in his longing for this reunion, the Eternal One excitedly prepared to unfold the next phase. This step was going to be a fun one.

“Look around,” He told the man. “Do you see anyone or anything that could fulfill your longing?”

The man looked, but no such partner existed. He felt lonely, but it seemed that none of these creatures fit the groove in his soul. They were fun, but not a fit.

The Word and the Spirit looked at each other … they knew what the man could not understand yet … the hunger he felt for connection could only be fully satisfied the day they were all reunited. Restoring this connection was the thing he was hungry for, but how could he ever know this? Adam had not even begun to be aware until after the deposit was made.

Ahhhh, but here was the plan: What if the man could feel the same thing the Eternal One was feeling? What if a part of the man could be deposited in another? What if between now and the ultimate reunion, he could hunger and temporarily be satisfied by reconnecting to a part of himself? The plan was brilliant. Not only did God create man in His image, He would also create him in His appetites.

As the man grew more restless, the Giver of Life made him rest. Now the fun began. He reached into the soul of the man and began to reorganize. God, who had reached inside Himself and deposited His Spirit into this man, now reached inside and began to sort through the makeup of the man’s heart.

What to take out and what to leave behind? These were important decisions. Anything He removed could not be replaced. He would have to sort out what the man could do without for awhile.

He looked at the man. Not at his physical form, but at his inner self … his soul. Stirring in the man, God could see His own nature and all His characteristics, swirling around within. He began to sort and sift. He drew to the man’s side some of His favorite attributes.

Nurture and care, oh, these would be helpful. Now He drew intuition and integration, the ability to see how many things fit together, to the spot just below the rib. At the core, He pulled the power of openness—receptivity—and built the other attributes around this one. As He gathered these things together, He knew the balance was crucial. He couldn’t leave the man or the wo-man incomplete. Each needed to have a full complement of character traits. He also knew that He had to balance these traits. Incorrectly mixed it might be impossible for them to get along, much less ever come back to oneness.

In the man He was careful to leave behind the very specific thought process of analysis and logic. Without this “integration” piece, which he was about to remove, analysis might not work as well, but it would still serve him. He left initiative-taking inside, knowing that without the balance of receptivity it had the potential to become drivenness.

This balance was so important. The two-who-had-been-one must perfectly complement one another. The two would really need each other in order to stay balanced. Without this balance, in fact, without His guidance, they might actually drive each other crazy, instead of driving each other back to dependence.

He sifted and sorted until He had just the right balance. Oh, they would feel the longing He was feeling. They would find the joy of bringing the two parts together. Under His skilled guidance they would get a foretaste of this two-become-one thing. That should be enough to get them through until the real reunion came. In connection to them, He could guide them through the amazing and transformational journey of making what began as one, one again. They would like it. As long as they allowed His gentle guidance it would be so much fun!!

Having gathered all the wo-man-ness to Adam’s side, He removed her from his side, leaving each in an altered state. This left Adam in a condition that would require her help. Not only to balance him, but even to help him know he needed balancing. Adam would hunger for her, and then discover his own condition as he tried to satisfy that hunger.

Oh yes; His creation would feel what the Creator felt, and long for the things He longed for.

He could hardly wait to teach them how to take two and make them one. They would really like it. Or it would drive them crazy.

(This was written with meaningful input from the incomparable Jackee Hamp, who covers my weakness.)

*Article originally appeared in Destiny in Bloom. Used with permission.

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After sixteen years as a counselor in private practice, Bob Hamp joined the staff of Gateway Church to develop the Freedom Ministry as envisioned by Pastor Robert Morris. Walking into one of the fastest growing churches in America Bob spent nine years at Gateway Church, training teachers and leaders from the lessons learned over this last decade. Nationally and Internationally Bob has begun to apply the principles learned in helping individuals find freedom to helping leaders find freedom for their followers. His unique slant on the Gospel comes from approaching the scriptures searching for help for the hurting and power for the weary. Sound theology, God’s healing Presence, and the power of love have characterized his approach to spiritual leadership.
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