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How Being An Entrepreneur Makes It Difficult To Date

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An entrepreneur is a busy type of person, but if they want to have any kind of romance, that busyness can turn crazy. The type of dedication it takes to get a start-up going is the same kind of energy it takes to foster a productive love life. It might seem impossible to find a date when there are so many business-related things to do, but never fear! There are ways to get the ball rolling and still bring home the bacon.

First, some basic advice. Business owners should always be careful to not turn a date into an interview. No one wants to feel like they’re playing Twenty Questions in order to make it to Round Two: Date Two, but you should still ask a lot of questions. Make sure that the person across the table is interested in you, not simply in how much money you make (Lavine 2013). Find out about their family and friends and how much time they spend with them. Ask about their faith and history with Jesus and what role He plays in their life today. If your gut tells you to get out of the date as soon as possible, then you should probably carry through.

As an entrepreneur, your time is precious. When you find employees, you make sure they fit into your office culture; but when you date, the person could have any number of different beliefs or goals. Stephanie Ginsberg, a relationship expert from New York, says, “You may stay in a relationship because it’s familiar, even though you know it’s not going anywhere” (Lavine 2013). If you spend too much time in a relationship that isn’t meant to be, all you do is waste your time and theirs.

Looking for love is like building a business. You know it’s going to take an investment of time and money, but it also takes your attention. Online dating isn’t the only answer to finding a date, so if you really want to meet someone, you’ll need to be aware at all times. Your dream guy or girl could be at the gas station, the library or standing next to you at the crosswalk. As with all things in life, lead with prayer. Turn to God for discernment on who to pursue and how to pursue so He is your companion throughout the process and beyond. If you do use online dating, be sure to read ChristianMingle reviews and other evaluations to ensure you are picking a site that honors your values and beliefs.

In the end, remember that God is in control, and He knows your future, whatever that may hold. Learning to surrender all things to Him, including your singleness, is easier said than done, but a worthy goal to pursue. The point at which we learning to surrender the thing we desire most is often when He stretches and grows our character the most. So lean into Him, follow His leading and see what path He illuminates.

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