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Is Your Dating Cup Half Empty Or Half Full?

CC Photo Courtesy of Yortw via Flickr
CC Photo Courtesy of Yortw via Flickr

Gloria is meeting new people, and she has a positive attitude towards dating.

In fact, her dating cup is half full.

She keeps her expectations low, and she knows with mathematical certainty that the more she gets out there to meet new people, the greater her chances of meeting potential new love.

As a result, Gloria focuses on remaining upbeat and knows that her happiness comes from within herself and her relationship with God. She does not cast her expectations on to the new guys she meets or get too far ahead of herself, imagining how new men she meets are possibly her potential new husband.

Instead, Gloria is confident within herself, and with a full life she just keeps making her emotional world larger. She “wants” and does not “need” to be around others. As a result, new men that Gloria meets find her confidence attractive.

Gloria holds steady in her value and knows she is a great future partner for somebody. In any dating situation—even if it doesn’t work out—she takes the lessons from these experiences and moves on, knowing that God is transforming her heart in preparation for her true love. She is able to shake off negative experiences, take the valuable learning lessons and become more clear around what she does want in life.

Therefore—when her true love does show up—as a result of her dating experiences, she will be recognize him and feel that much more blessed from the learning she has gone through along the way, in this great journey, according to God’s plans.

Cup: Half Empty

One of the greatest stressors in life is around disappointments or “near misses.” Just when you think you have met a “possibility person” who has great potential to become a true love, for some reason that individual is not what you thought they were, and things appear to go sideways. Therefore, people can easily become pessimistic and have this approach to dating: They are just waiting for some problem to appear on the horizon. The result is that they create the very problems they are trying to avoid by expecting the worst case scenarios to occur in dating. In some instances, people can almost look for trouble, and very shortly thereafter they will find difficulties. Such individuals are dating with a “cup half empty” approach.

Cup: Half Full

As people, we have our highest attraction appeal when we are happy as well as content. There is an inner glow that we illuminate when we are loving life. Furthermore, likes attract likes. When we are positive and enjoying this world, then we will attract others to us who are healthy as well as optimistic. Therefore, the opportunity we have is to approach dating with a “cup half full” by seeing the positives.

Chances are that you will not meet the love of your life on your first date.

Often dating is a process of learning about what we don’t want in this world in order to get really clear about what we do want in life.

Therefore dating can become a trial, an endurance or an ongoing challenge, particularly if you are single for any length of time.

The question then is this: Is your dating cup is half empty or half full?

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