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Single And On Skid Row

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I’m single, technically unemployed and living out of my car.

There is a good chance you’ve never heard the story. I should write a post on it someday. I may make it a book. But, I’m too busy following Jesus to stop and document this journey right now.

It started with an idea when I woke up every morning – how cool it would be to drive across country and visit friends?! My lease was up, I didn’t have a job or any income coming in and unemployment had run out. I kept pushing the idea aside thinking I was crazy. Then one day I stopped and asked God, “Is this you?”

Then I read Luke 9:1-6. “And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal.”

Then verse 6 says, “Then they departed and went through the villages, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere.”

So in November 2013 I put everything into storage and went on a road trip across the United States. I started in Dallas and went up to Nashville, over to North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Chicago, and then back to Dallas. Only to leave again for California.

All by myself. A single unemployed woman.

Just so you aren’t scared for me. I’ve promised my mom I’d only drive during the day and I have a Find Friends Ap on my phone so they can track me.

I’ve seen everything in Luke 9. Yes, everything! I’ve seen people healed, delivered from oppression and saved by the gospel. I’ve had trials like injuries, my credit card stolen and not sure where I’d sleep some nights. But, I’ve watched the Church be the Church too. I’ve been housed, fed, received financial gifts and prayed for. It’s been the most amazing journey of my life.

I’m wrapping this journey up in May and heading back to my temporary home in Texas (with friends who have opened up their extra bedroom for me). I’m not sure the next steps but after this journey I’m sure God does! After all I’ve seen I trust Him more!

I say all of this to share with you a video I made of one of my experiences. I had a chance to volunteer with The Dream Center and minister on the toughest streets of LA – Skid Row. This is the most stable populations of homeless people in the U.S.  If a woman is new there she is usually raped within 24 hours. People there have lost their jobs due to drugs and live out of cardboard boxes lined on the streets. It’s heartbreaking. In this video I share how a man received encouragement from the Lord and then was saved by the gospel. Well, in fact it was two guys. But when God loved one man He didn’t exclude the other. God showed me how to not just share the gospel but to demonstrate the gospel. I never thought of it that way before. In fact, I had just told someone that morning that I never get to lead someone to Christ but I just plant seeds. It’s just like God to mess me up! Anyway, once they saw and experienced love it was easy to walk with them to the arms of Jesus.

I loaded other videos on YouTube that explain what God did in this six month journey. Some of them are random because I got silly after driving alone so much. I made videos more than wrote on my blog because of limited time. I also make some devotional videos only found on my Facebook page. 

I hope you find encouragement to seek the Lord for the next steps for your life. God has an amazing journey for you too – no matter how bad your circumstances look. Being single offers opportunities to live the New Testament life! I invite you to find a way to live it while you can because most of you will be married someday!

P.S. I’m also the founder of Single Matters. So I don’t believe circumstances can hold you back when you walk with the favor and power of God. Let this magazine also be a testimony. Whatever is in your heart … go for it!

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