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The Best Way To Find Love This Summer

Photo courtesy of Beverly Goodwin via Flickr
Photo courtesy of Beverly Goodwin via Flickr

Have you ever heard stories of singles who gave up on the idea of being married or having a new relationship, only to then find true love when they stopped looking?

Then there are other singles who have no dating opportunities, only to find that just when their emotional desert has run dry, they are then flooded with dating prospects. These people have a secret, and the secret relates to how to find true love.

Want to know the secret?

The secret is attraction appeal. Singles who attract others are functioning at their highest level of attraction appeal, which means that they are comfortable in their own skin and are happy. There is nothing more attractive than confidence and someone who is happy from the inside out. Happy people glow, and they send off an infectious level of positive energy. As a result, you just want to be around happy people.

This is why many people find love in the summer because they are at their best and are happy. Summer is that time of year of brightness, longer days and bustling social opportunities. Every single has their hopes set high that summer will be the season of fulfilled dreams, so it is time to “get your happy on.” Below are some tips for enhancing your attraction appeal:

Tip #1: Remember that positive people draw others to them.

Positive energy is infectious. The more positive you are, the more people will want to be around you. Smile lines are way more attractive than frowns as well.

Tip #2: Remember that happy busyness is sexy.

Attractive people are busy and have a lot on the go as they lead lives that are very full. Desperate people have empty schedules waiting for others to give them a life. If you want to be attractive, then focus on filling up your life with activities as well as interests.

Tip #3: Focus on being your healthiest.

When you are healthy, you will glow. Everything about you will look brighter, so focus on eating healthy, exercising and getting that necessary rest.

Tip #4: Don’t be someone you are not.

When people wear the expression of insecurity, that is not attractive. Focus on yourself and your own life instead of comparing yourself to others, which results in drained vitality if you waste precious life energy in a comparison contest with others.

Tip #5: Find positive activities.

Interesting people do things and have much to talk about. The stories you share result in attraction appeal because you look like you have a busy and full life.

Tip #6: Make your social world bigger.

New love can happen any time, and when your emotional and social world is large, you will meet more people. Get out of your comfort zone and make your social world bigger.

Tip #7: Set your value high, and others will meet you in that same value.

When you are comfortable in your own skin and know you are of value, then you will carry yourself with confidence. You are more attractive when you shine in your own value without being arrogant.

Tip #8: Remember attraction comes from inner confidence.

When you are sure of yourself and you have a full life, you become more attractive as you radiate confidence.

Tip #9: Love yourself, and love from others will follow.

When you are kind to yourself, then you will open the door in life to having others treat you well also.

Tip #10: Lighten your emotional load and deal with stress.

Don’t let stress and responsibility weigh you down. When you let go of stress, you walk with emotional lightness as well as vitality. Don’t let stress cause your facial lines to sink in further.

Attraction appeal is something inside of you, and it starts with having that positive energy that flows from the inside out. The summer season is the best time of year to step into your attraction appeal and own the confidence you have blossoming inside of you.

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Cathy Patterson-Sterling is a Christian counselor with a counseling ministry called Real Life Tool Box. She is an author, speaker, wife, mother and friend. Through her counseling ministry, she offers more than 50 e-learning audio play courses to help people grow in faith and have their healthiest relationships. She is passionate about helping people find freedom from fear or other emotional strongholds that are holding them back from living out their greatest potential in God's plans for their lives.
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