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Three Rules For Flirting

Three Rules for Flirting
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Romance is thrilling, and it all starts with a little wink and a smile. Our flirtations hint at our interest. And that’s the fun … it’s just a clue … and we wonder: Will this person be my true love?

While flirting may seem innocent enough, I’ve known women who turn flirting into a competitive game. That’s when flirting gets dangerous. Because … LOVE IS NOT A GAME. When it is a game, it’s not really love. And yet, flirting and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.

With God’s love in our heart, flirting is not a game. Instead, it’s fun and sexy, but also authentic and pure. I call this “Flirting with Love.”

These are my 3 Rules for Flirting with Love:

#1 Don’t Lie: Only show interest in men that you really are interested in. You can flirt with more than one guy, but just keep it real. It’s unkind to lead someone on. When we flirt with men we don’t really like, then it signals a problem within us. It indicates that we need affirmation and acceptance. Don’t flirt in order to feel better about yourself. Instead, keep your flirting honest.

#2 Don’t Be That Girl: You know those girls who flirt because they are competitive with other women? Don’t be that girl! Some women want to prove that they are sexier and more alluring than every other woman in the room. The best way to make this point is by gaining the attention of men. This is playing a game with both men and women. Love is not a game. Flirting with Love means never flirting in order to lord your seductive powers over another woman.

#3 Don’t Lead with Your Lady Parts: Like most women, I loved Elle Wood’s “bend and snap” routine. Keep in mind that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. There are a million other ways to flirt with class. You can dress a certain way, use witty humor, make eye contact, smile … and the list goes on. If you lead with your lady parts, you send the wrong signals and attract the wrong men.

Do you want to fall in love? Then you need to Flirt with love. Love means that a man adores you for much more than your lady parts. He loves your humor, intellect and values. Make sure he knows you’ve got those, too. Next time you start to flirt, remember to Flirt with Love!

A note to male readers: Pay attention to the girls who Flirt with Love. They are the ones who know how to love you truly in return.

About Angie Wyatt

Angie Schuller Wyatt is a pastor, counselor and author of the award-winning book "God and Boobs: Balancing Faith and Sexuality." She began her career as the spiritual director of Oral Roberts University before becoming an associate pastor of Freedom Ministry at Gateway Church. Schuller Wyatt is devoted to helping women recover their emotional and spiritual strength. She holds an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a B.A. in Church Ministry. She is married to Chris Wyatt.
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