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Why God Is Trustworthy And Good

Photo courtesy of Aaron van Dorn via Flickr
Photo courtesy of Aaron van Dorn via Flickr

As the Great Physician, God heals the many wounds that come into my life.

As the Almighty Comforter, He comforts my sufferings with His all-sustaining peace.

I may not know the reasons behind every move He makes or circumstance I experience;

But I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He holds me in His hands.


As the Good Shepherd, God leads me beside still waters — resting my body, restoring my soul, renewing my mind, and refreshing my spirit.

As the Righteous Judge, He holds me accountable for my deeds and actions.

I may not understand why He allows “bad” people or circumstances to exist without rebuke;

But I am reminded of His loving and merciful kindness to me when I’ve gone astray.


As the Mighty Restorer, God renews my strength when the fatigue of the world wears me down.

As the Everlasting Timekeeper, He knows the precise moment when He must intervene.

I may not understand His timing or the seemingly long periods when He is silent;

But I can rest assured that He is always right on time, every time, with the right solution.


As the Prince of Peace, God calls my mind and spirit to a place of peaceful assurance.

As the Resurrected Savior and the Life Giver, He promises an everlasting haven of rest.

I may not always readily allow Him full access or control of my wearying circumstances;

Yet He remains faithfully steadfast in His beckoning call for me to rest while casting my cares on Him.


As the Everlasting Father, God is preparing me an eternal home near to His throne.

As the Sacrificial Lamb, He is well acquainted with the burden of a cross and the ignorance of man.

I may feel alone and crushed under the daily burdens I bear and uncertainties I encounter;

But He reassures me His presence is constant, His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.


As the Great Counselor, God imparts to me the understanding of His Word.

As the Wellspring of Living Water, He is the fountain of freshness springing up within me.

Whereas I may unsuccessfully attempt to find lasting happiness in this empty world,

He continues to wrap me in His grace, sustain me with His presence, and comfort me with His peace.


As the Eternal Comforter, God gives His Spirit to indwell, lead, teach, and comfort me.

As the Rock of Ages, He is always solidly beneath and around me to catch me when I fall.

I may not always get the answers I expect — I may not hear Him or hear anything at all;

But I know He ever lives to make intercession before God the Father on my behalf.


As the Absolute Truth, God promises to never leave me alone or forsake me in my need.

As the Invited Guest, He stands at the door of my life seeking access to every area.

I may think I know best and want to remain in control of the boat in the storm;

But He gently reminds me He is the Master of the sea and patiently awaits the helm.

About Nate Stevens

A missionary kid raised in a Christian home and church, Nate Stevens is a lifelong student of Scripture. He has enjoyed a 36-year banking career in a variety of leadership roles. He is the author of "Matched 4 Life," "Matched 4 Life Workbook," "Deck Time with Jesus," and contributes to the Moments book series (Divine Moments, Spoken Moments, Stupid Moments, etc.). He co-leads a singles ministry in the Charlotte, NC area and is a popular speaker / teacher at conferences, seminars and Bible study groups, speaking on a wide variety of topics. Nate currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, is a newlywed to his beautiful wife, Karen, and is an active dad with two awesome kids, Melissa and Mitchell.
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