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How I Found My Knight In Shining Armor

How I found my knight in shining armor

Have you ever wondered why, as women, we love fairy tales? Or why we long for a knight in shining armor of our own?

Romance movies, novels and songs all make a ton of money because of this deep longing that each girl has within herself. Some women may have turned it off at a certain age because they felt it was not serving them well, while others are drowning in its loneliness that can’t seem to ever be satisfied. We tend to think if we can just find that special someone, he could fill this internal hole and make us feel complete.

Insert Jerry Maguire’s line here: You complete me.

One night, when I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed, I laid down and turned on my Spotify. The first song that played was Norah Jones’ song, Come Away with Me. Even though I was not even thinking along the lines of spiritual things, as the first line was sung, I saw Jesus holding my hand and taking me up to a mountaintop where He danced with me. Throughout the whole song, we just danced. It was my first encounter with Jesus as the Rescuer of my soul — my Hero, my Knight in shining armor. Consider the lyrics to the song below:


But what if no human was ever meant to take this special place in your heart? What if it was meant to feel like a hole, and nothing ever filled it on purpose and by design? What if this longing was placed inside of us to be met by the ultimate Mr. Darcy (a Pride and Prejudice mention) — God?

I have been married to my one and only love for 22 years. We married as virgins. We are each other’s best friend. God has been at the center of our marriage all along. We love each other more now than we did when we first met. But guess what? He doesn’t complete me. Believe me, I tried to make it happen.

I know singles don’t like to hear from married women on this issue. It’s easy for me to say all this since I’m married. But I was single too. And I am here to tell you, that even the best of the best of men (including my husband) does not compare to our Creator. God may have a man who He does want to place in your life. But this man will only be a small glimpse of God Himself; a mirrored reflection of the original.

I truly believe that the romance industry exists because countless women are searching for this God-given need — to be rescued, nurtured, romanced, protected and pursued. However, I think, as women, we have come to believe that a physical man is our answer. And that sets us up for disappointment. It also sets up men for failure.

What would it be like to live life knowing that you are God’s damsel in distress, and He knows just how to rescue you from your troubles? There is no one stronger, richer, more chivalrous or more generous than Him. He is your King and you are His Sleeping Beauty. And He not only wants your whole heart, but He’s the one who will protect it and be your Knight in shining armor, anytime you need Him.

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